why use shopify for dropshipping

Dropshipping services have to do with a business model that enables entrepreneurs to begin an eCommerce business and sell their products and services to their customers without the need of physically stocking items by themselves. Rather, when a dropshipping website sells an item, it buys an item from a different place or third party and delivers it directly to the customer.

At Shopify, any dropshipper has an opportunity to create a customized store that can always attract a lot of customers. Plus, the risk is lowered for proprietary businesses to try out new product options without the need of having products beforehand. It is a good and realistic model that enables many people to participate in the business. If that resonates with you, read this review to find out more about this business model.

What is Shopify dropshipping?

Shopify dropshipping is a retail model where the drop shipper doesn’t necessarily have to have stock or inventory. When a customer orders an item from the dropshipping website, the store buys the unit from another store or third party that is shipped instantly to the customer. In most cases, the seller doesn’t hold the product directly, including the shipping process.

The process of dropshipping is very simple after you’ve got a business idea, you’d need to choose the product to sell on a competitiveness basis, get a dropshipping supplier, set up your eCommerce store, have a government registration for your business, then load the products that you wish to sell on the site, now it’s time to launch and begin marketing your dropshipping business.

With dropshipping, you sell items by using a store or supplier with inventory and even do the shipping for you. You’re responsible for paying the entire price to your supplier, but it’s upon you to control the price of your store so that you can get a profit out of it. The supplier in this regard could be a family member, warehouse, or manufacturer. With a tailored platform like Shopify, finding suppliers is very easy through Oberlo.

It is important to note that the success of any dropshipping business lies in the products that you choose to sell, and the reputable you have in your store.

Shopify pros and cons

start business with Shopify
start a business with Shopify


-Low startup costs: Unlike stocking a warehouse, a dropshipping business requires an eCommerce website and internet service and you’re good to go.

-Low cost of inventory: With dropshipping, you don’t have to incur any cost to manage your inventory, because it’s zero.

-Low order fulfillment costs: Order fulfillment will usually need different procedures done before any item can be sent, for dropshipping, that is the job done by the third party.

-Sell & test more products with less risk: Dropshipping enables you to test new products with no risk involved, at least you can pay only for what you sell.

-Wide selection of products: It is easy to find the product that you wish to sell and also easy to change to the product that you prefer.


-Less control over order fulfillment & lead times: Although you don’t incur the cost of warehousing stock, you’ll have to pay for any dissatisfied clients. In that regard, if you begin a dropshipping venture, it is best if you can partner with quality partners.

-Reliance on the third party for supply: The caveat with this option is the fact that you don’t have control of the inventory of your supplier. At one point, you may run out of stock.

How to start Shopify dropshipping step by step

Here is a step-by-step procedure of how you start a Shopify dropshipping business.

#1. Find your niche

You need to find the products that will be your specialty. So, start by finding the right niche. If possible, settle for the niche that you have an interest in. Also, you need to opt for a less competitive niche. Also, look at the profitability of the niche, for example, leggings and yoga pants.

search niche online

#2. Build a Shopify dropshipping site

Now, you have a niche, and you’re more than ready to build your Shopify website. And the process is easy; start by creating a Shopify account, then add products, and you’re good to go.

create a shopify store
register Shopify
successfully create a shopify store

#3. Add products from Oberlo

At least, Oberlo is fully run by Shopify. Now adding products that you need to dropship is very easy: The simple process to follow includes;

-Click “products” on the left-hand side

-Choose “More actions” then tap “find more products to sell”

add products from Oberlo

-You’ll now see the interface of Oberlo, where you may search for suppliers and products. Put your products to the search bar

Put your products to the search bar

-Overview of the results, then choose the item you wish to add. You can do this even quicker by tapping the “Select product” button

Select product

-Then come to the product page, you will see the shipping cost, and click add product when you are done, and Oberlo will do everything for you.

enter a retail price

-Now repeat the above two steps as required.

There are other dropshipping apps available for Shopify owners, such as Nihao Dropshipping, Printful, etc.

#4. Edit product details

After you’re done putting items from Oberlo, go back to the product’s backend of your store. You should now see all the products you’ve added.

Edit product details

#5. Set up your collections

A few examples of what you can choose as the selection of your products may include; product type, products on sale, customer type, product color, etc.

#6. Customize the look of your store

Now, edit the look and feel of your website. You’ll be offered different designs you can choose from

Customize your store theme

#7. Set up payments, address

Payment methods and addresses are necessary in order for customers to successfully place orders on your website.

#8. Add Pages

Create the FAQ, shipping & return policy, contact page, and about page.

add pages for your store

#9. Test your order process

You can place a test order to familiarize yourself with the customer ordering process and to check if your store is working properly.

Is dropshipping on Shopify worth it?

If you can choose the right niche, you can rest assured that you can make a huge profit out of your dropshipping service. Ensure to find reliable partners to ensure you’re building a good customer relation always. Truly, Shopify dropshipping is a worth business when done the right way.

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