why use shopify to start business

Why Use Shopify To Start Business Online

There are so many options when you want to start a business with a website. Shopify offers to buy a website that is the most convenient, cheapest, and easiest way for starting a business. You don’t have to be an expert in technology to start selling through your own e-commerce store. Shopify allows the simplest method, unlike Amazon, eBay and others in this industry.

e-commerce online store
e-commerce online store

Recently the pandemic situation has brought the e-commerce section in front like never before. If you want to go ahead with your own online shop, then Shopify will be the best option. Going with other big companies like Amazon, eBay has a lot of painful processes for the newcomers to this digital transformation.

Let’s take a look at the tasks you have to do for starting a website online marketplace business.

  • Building your online store with the full process
  • Ship your products
  • Make sure that your website could perform well with a huge amount of traffic
  • Handle the whole marketing strategies of your online business on own
  • Deal on the return of products by customers

There are more stressful tasks to do. As you can see, how complex is the whole process in an online marketplace platform to handle a business. But there is one the Shopify could make your business all the way easier. Let’s have a look at why you should start your online e-commerce business with Shopify.

No Need for Technical Skills to Start Business with Shopify

We have already mentioned the stressful processes of online marketplace-based website business. Amazon is an online marketplace, but Shopify is a specialized e-commerce platform. You can use both platforms for your business but remember, Shopify is the best e-commerce platform, particularly for small business starters.

Shopify vs. Amazon: Shopify handles all the business technical tasks for you like security, backups, hosting, and updates. On the other hand, Amazon lets you do all the technical maintenances. You can set up a Shopify store very easily at any time without complex computer knowledge. Shopify empowers entrepreneurs to start a business.

Easier to Use

You can handle your own e-commerce website with zero line of coding. It is as simple with Shopify to set up an e-commerce store and start loading products on your website. You’ll have an inbuilt interface “at your service” to help run everything. There is no other platform that is easier than getting a ready shop and running a business like Shopify.

Everything You Need for E-commerce Into One Place

An e-commerce business running needs specific things like web hosting, customer behavior insights analyzing tools, transaction gateways, and management, etc. Sounds a lot right? Can you imagine gathering all these things in other business platforms rather Shopify? The answer is no; only Shopify takes care of all the online business management for your business.

Shopify allows you to take an insight of your customers through the dashboard. The dashboard is easy to handle for figuring out which social media from your customers are coming from, how long they are in your shop and every detail. Not only this, but it also gives the advice to increase the sales. Shopify integrates with Google, Facebook, Amazon, PayPal, Stripe.

Lower Shipping Cost

It is a network integrated with thousands of logistics providers. Shopify is extremely helpful for those who have no global network. The machine learning system guarantees the deliveries on time with lower costs. The platform also offers shipping options that suit your requirements by product weight, region of shipping, and delivery speed. It empowers the e-commerce business.

Built-in SEO Tools

Shopify makes them easier for you by loading a bunch of built-in SEO tools to help your store get found. It prompts automatically with SEO suggestions whenever you add a new product to your catalog. It provides multilingual options and a custom header code with a custom URL too. Besides, the reporting tools and blogging facilities are available for your help.

More Functionality to Your Store

Shopify allows more functionality in stores than others on e-commerce platforms. For small business owners, there are options of using built-in features to increase sales. There are options for adding more add-on applications power to your e-commerce. There are almost thousands of Shopify app stores available.

These applications range from review sections to chat features, converting prices into international currency, dropshipping and email marketing, and many more. You can easily choose from a variety and add functionality to your website store. You can filter from the huge collection of the apps by their rate which meets your budget.

Specific E-commerce Designed Customization

This is a great reason why Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce website builders. It provides a huge collection of impressive themes which are professionally designed for the e-commerce platform. Specific themes and customization for the specific industries like food and beverages, arts and photography, home d├ęcor, etc. It comes in various ranges like prices, popularity and styles.

shopify theme
shopify theme

Customized product-based themes and in-built features for all device users. It allows the user to make easy contacts with content customization, SEO, free updates, social media link-ups etc. Prioritizing the themes is designed to feature the critical part of increasing the sales of your store. It’ll be a lot easier to go with the perfect theme for your business growth.

Why is Shopify better to start a business than other platforms? Here we out some comparisons that will help you find the answers.

The Major Difference between Shopify and Amazon

Shopify vs Amazon
Shopify vs Amazon

Shopify is a specialized eCommerce platform, and Amazon is an online marketplace. Selling through Amazon is like having a small store in a huge boot fair. Here you may be not found by most of the buyers. A chance of not making a good sale is very much possible because of the overlooking of your business.

Selling with Shopify is more likely to sell in a renting building with your own business place and store. Here the chance of making repeated customers and creating a brand is easier. The summary is that Shopify is more suitable for both small and larger business brands while Amazon is only suitable for small businesses.

Differences of Shopify with WooCommerce and BigCommerce

BigCommerce and WooCommerce are specifically behind Shopify over some of the reasons. There is no need for capital for starting a Shopify e-commerce while both WooCommerce and BigCommerce need capital to start. WooCommerce and BigCommerce don’t have fraud protection like Shopify ensure this issue. Besides, Shopify provides email marketing tools that others don’t. Shopify has a fully integrated network that is not provided by the other e-commerce platforms.

The End

There are strong points for starting e-commerce with Shopify over Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, WooCommerce. Our recommendation is to start a business with more flexible and easier terms which are well ensured by Shopify compared to other platforms.

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