7 useful plugins for Shopify newbies

Shopify is among the leading e-commerce platform and has an average of 10% market share. On average, over 800,000 stores are currently powered by Shopify, and over one billion orders have been processed in the platform.

What makes this platform outstanding is that it is user-friendly and has built-in tools that will allow you to enhance the functionality of your store and incorporate other custom features.

Incorporating the plugins for Shopify is quite helpful and will help to drive more sales, skyrocket customer engagement, and add more revenue. This article discusses some of the outstanding Shopify plugins that assist in optimizing your business.

1.  Free Shipping Bar

Free Shipping Bar

Hextom created free Shipping Bar plugins for Shopify as a free shipping panel. This system helps to encourage more deliveries and skyrockets your profits. With this app, you can display tremendous customizable messages as your clients put additional items into their carts.

The app also contains some built-in metrics, and you can determine which delivery methods deliver positive results. Some of the reasons you should consider using this Shopify plugin include:

  •  Displays a free shipping offer on your store every time a customer visits your page.
  •  Displays various progressive messages when clients put additional items to the cart
  •  Offers congratulatory messages to your clients when they take advantage of the free shipping offers
  •  Enables advanced targeting- the plugins help display multiple shipping offers based explicitly on the pages, devices, country, and time.
  •  Customized holiday themes

2.  Wishlist Plus

Wishlist Plus

The Wishlist Plus plugin is an incredible feature that assists your customer in planning for future purchases. If a client visits your e-commerce store and can’t buy your products at the moment, they can save those products on the Wishlist.

This app helps ensure that the shopping experience is incredible and will help your business capture various sales and conveniently convert the maximum online visitors. Ideally, it allows your customers to bookmark some of their favorite products so that they can pick them off when they return. Once customers return to your store, they will quickly go back to the bookmarked items and purchase.

The app also helps you track products you are interested to purchase and those you prefer the most later on.

The plugin is relatively straightforward to use, and your clients are not required to log in to use the Wishlist Plus. It is also possible to sync the Wishlist across various devices to increase convenience. Another feature that makes this app incredible is that you can see the number of times that each product has been wish-listed. This acts as social proof and will motivate customers to purchase your products.

3.  PageSpeed Monitor

PageSpeed Monitor

The PageSpeed Monitor is an ideal plugin that helps monitor and alerts various Google PageSpeed Insights every hour. It also sends alerts based on the essential milestones and disaster scenarios.

It is a very straightforward plugin that helps monitor how fast the e-commerce page is loading and offers practical ways to increase the speed.

4.  Free Trust Badge

Free Trust Badge

The Free Trust Badges are ideal for social proof and sales conversion. The trust badge is a seal that is placed on your website to instill trust in your customers. The badges let your visitors understand that your site is legal, and any data they share is collected and stored via secure and trustworthy third-party providers.

The Free Trust Badge will give you access to multiple basic badges and premium and complete colored seals. There are some trust badges that each e-commerce entrepreneur should have, and they include:

  •  Guaranteed safe checkout-it is given when your business registers for the SSL certificate.
  •  Free shipping badge
  •  Free returns badge
  •  Accepted payment badges
  •  Third-party endorsements
  •  Money-back guarantee badge

5.  Returnly Shopify Plugin


With the Returnly plugins for Shopify, you will have access to everything necessary to automate and take control of your returns. It integrates with Shopify orders and helps to facilitate the store’s self-service. This app gives your e-commerce a streamlined return process.

The app helps to eliminate friction in the return process of goods and allows customers to efficiently purchase other products using your store credit before they ship back the original item.

6.  One-Click Social Login

One Click Social Login

The One-Click Social Login app allows for automatic login and streamlines signup integrations with all social networks. With this plugin for Shopify, the customers will log in with just a single click. It is pretty essential since customers will not have to remember their login password.

Remember that you will not have to force your customers to create a Shopify account from scratch with this plugin. Instead, the app provides your customers with an automatic signup option by simply using some of the popular social networks, which include:

  •  Facebook
  •  Google
  •  Instagram
  •  Twitter
  •  LinkedIn

7.  Plugin In SEO

Plug In SEO

To ensure that your e-commerce business is very successful, it is imperative to maintain visibility in the search engines. The Plugin In SEO is a fantastic plugin that helps to ensure that your business is visible on the search engines.

It helps identify various ways to improve the Shopify store’s ranking and helps fix multiple issues that may hold your business back. The plugin In SEO helps to identify some elements of your page and review them accordingly. Some of the essential elements include:

  •  Meta titles-the meta title appears on the code of your site in various search engines. They are pretty imperative in telling your visitors what your page is about.
  •  Keywords
  •  Broken links
  •  Headlines

Key Takeaway

Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce stores globally. The store is straightforward, visually appealing, allows apps integration, and is secure and reliable. To remain competitive in this store, it is crucial to optimize your store. The above Shopify plugins help to improve different aspects of the store. Thus it is imperative to consider incorporating the above plugins for Shopify to ensure that you remain relevant in the market and your business is visible in various search engines.

They are the most recommended plugins for beginners as they are straightforward to incorporate and manage. They ensure that your store is competitive and is visible on the search engines.

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