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Top 7 Shopify Profit Calculator Apps

A top Shopify profit calculator app is a necessity and one of the Best Shopify Apps To Increase Conversion if you want to start a business, whether you’re a small business owner who wants to expand your current business or a large corporation that plans on entering the e-commerce space. These apps can help manage and streamline enterprises of all sizes.

1. BeProfit

beprofit -Shopify profit calculator app
beprofit -Shopify profit calculator app

As you can see, BeProfit is a Shopify profit calculator app that helps you calculate your sales and profit. It’s designed to be easy and intuitive to use to get the most out of your store.

The app is super simple to use; enter your products, add them all up, and it will show you how much you should be making each month. You can also set up alerts so that when certain things happen in your store (like a sale or promotion), a warning will pop up on your phone, reminding you to comment on it or send an email.

BeProfit is a Shopify profit calculator app that helps you to calculate your profit margin, sales, turnover, and other metrics related to your business. The app has a clean interface and provides some essential information about your Shopify store in the form of graphs. The app can be used for calculating different aspects of your business, including:

  • Inventory management
  • Selling price
  • Sale price
  • Turnover
  • Sale Conversion Rate

Price: From $25/month. 7-day free trial.

2. TrueProfit

true profit calc analytics
true profit calc analytics

TrueProfit is a Shopify Profit Calculator app that helps you calculate profit and loss on your store. The app has a modern, easy-to-use interface, with big buttons and precise information. TrueProfit is accessible on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app has a clear layout with big buttons for easy navigation and a range of details about each product in the store. This includes:

  • Product price: calculator works out the price of your products by considering variables such as tax, shipping costs, and discounts. You can also enter custom prices for each SKU if necessary.
  • Product cost: see how much money you’re spending on each product (including shipping) and its profit-making potential.
  • Stock level: see how much stock you have left on hand for each SKU in your store at any given time. This will help you keep track of sales trends over time. It also lets you know how many items are needed before production can begin again after an order is placed or expired (if ordered).
  • Order status: see what orders are on hold or waiting to be shipped out so that you can plan accordingly when placing new orders

Price: From $19.95/month. 14-day free trial.

3. Delirious Profit

Delirious profit is a top Shopify profit calculator app that helps you calculate your profit in real-time. It lets you track your sales, add them to the calculator, and see how many dollars you can make in a day. The app also comes with a detailed report about your store’s profits. It is one of the best Shopify Profit Calculator apps in the market. It has been created by a team of developers who are well-versed with the system and have extensive knowledge of Shopify. The app offers a wide range of features that include:

  • The app provides a variety of calculators, which you can use to calculate your profits and losses. The calculator works on a simple principle where you need to enter your costs, sales, and profit figures into the calculator. The results will then be shown in an easy-to-read format.
  • The app also lets you add custom variables, such as customer names or products so that they can be used later in calculations. You can also choose whether you want to include taxes or not as part of your calculations.
  • In addition, Delirious Profit lets users export their data into PDFs so they can analyze it further if necessary.

Price: $5/month. 7-day free trial.

4. Metriks Profit Dashboard

metriks profit dashboard
metriks profit dashboard

It is an app that helps you manage your business. It allows you to track and analyze sales, orders, and profits at a glance. This app also lets you create real-time reports and graphs of your data. This will help you manage your business more efficiently and effectively.

Metriks Profit Dashboard Features:

Real-Time Sales

You can view the real-time sales on the Metriks Profit Dashboard app. The app will show the various deals that happened during a particular period, like today or yesterday. You can see how much profit has been made from these sales by clicking on any specific deal.

Order History

The Order History feature lets you view all orders your customers placed over a particular period effortlessly. You can also add new orders from this list if required and then view them in real-time again by clicking on the order number displayed on their dashboard.

Price: From $14.95/month. 14-day free trial.

5. Profitario

profitario profit analytics
profitario profit analytics

The Profitario is the most popular Shopify profit calculator app. It has many features that make it one of the best Shopify profit calculators apps on the market.

It is a free Shopify profit calculator app that can help you calculate the profits of your products and services on Shopify. The app also has a built-in calculator, which gives you an idea of how much money you’ll make from each product or service.

This app allows you to quickly calculate what percentage of each item will cost you and how much money you’ll make overall from selling it. You can also use this app to create a budget for yourself to know exactly where your money is going.

6. Sellerboard Profit Analytics

sellerboard profit analytics
sellerboard profit analytics

The Sellerboard Profit Analytics is a free app that helps you track your expenses and business profits. It is easy to use, has no ads, and offers several features.

This profit calculator app lets you keep track of the money you make and spend on your business. You can set up different recurring bills and automatically add them to your account at the end of the month. The app tracks how much money you make from these sources (such as sales, commissions, or subscriptions) and how much it costs to run your business. You can also create separate accounts for each type of expense to quickly see how much profit each source brought in for your last month or quarter.

In addition to profit analysis, you can also analyze how much money your customers contribute to your business throughout their lifecycle, including repeat orders. Thus, you can plan your customer acquisition costs, and marketing strategies more accurately.

7. Acountify: Real-Time Profit

accountify profit calculator
accountify profit calculator

Accountify is a free app for Shopify stores that gives you real-time information about your sales, profit, and conversion rate. You can see what’s happening in your store at any given time and track keywords, product searches, and more.

For example, Accountify will tell you if people are searching for similar products or buying something different than what you’re selling. If someone is searching for “mugs” in your store and they should be buying “coffee mugs,” it’s a sign that there may be an opportunity to sell another product in the same niche.

The app also lets you enter custom URLs into the search bar and see which brings in the most traffic. This feature is beneficial if you’re running a business with multiple websites (like this one).

Wrapping Up

Shopify is the best ecommerce platform that provides freedom and flexibility to run your online store. To improve sales and profitability, you can use proper custom costing apps that calculate inventory cost, taxes, fees, and other charges and provide you with a summary report.

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