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10 Best Shopify Image Optimization Apps In 2022

Speed plays an important role in any website. Studies show that Nearly 70% of consumers admit that page speed influences their likeliness to buy.

And in the eCommerce business, one of the main key factors that pull down the speed of an online store and reduce conversion rates is images. That’s why image optimization for your Shopify store is necessary.

There are two aspects of image optimization. The first is to compress the image size as much as possible while maintaining image quality to make your pages load faster. Second, to drive search engines (such as Google or Bing) to include more images of your products, bringing more quality traffic.

How to optimize images?

Optimize image names. You need to create descriptive, keyword-rich file names. Web search tools won’t just creep the text on your website pages, yet will likewise look for watchwords in your picture record names.

Pack the picture size while keeping up with the nature of the picture. Image size is one of the most important influences on the loading speed of your website.

Choose the right type of image. The common image file types are JPEG, GIF and PNG. In most cases of e-commerce, JPEG will be your best choice. They provide the best image quality with the smallest file size.

Optimize the ALT text attribute. ALT text, normally known as elective text, is utilized in HTML code to portray the appearance and usefulness of pictures on a page. Fill in the alt text with descriptive text and include product keywords.

Use image sitemap. Submit the Shopify store sitemap (eg: to Google Webmaster Tools via Search Console. After submitting it, Google will be more likely to crawl and include your images.

You may not know how to get started. So in this article, we list some of the best Shopify image optimization apps to help you optimize your images easily and quickly.

10 Best Image Optimization Apps for Shopify

TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer by TinyIMG

TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer

Tiny IMG is smart image compression and optimization app for Shopify that focuses on all kinds of image optimization issues.

This image optimizer automatically optimizes images and uploads the optimized version to your Shopify store, saving you a lot of time. And you can also optimize images manually if you want to restore them to their original state.

In addition to lossless image compression, Tiny IMG can also be used to improve image-related SEO by automatically generating ALT tags and captions for your images.

Their WEBP converter can even compress images smaller and without compromising on retaining the excellent quality.


  • Image compression: modifies the image size by almost three quarters while maintaining good visual quality.
  • Create JSON-LD structured data: Make it easier for Google to find information about your e-commerce store.
  • Image ALT text optimization: Tiny IMG allows you to automatically or manually modify the alt text of your images.
  • Other SEO features: site audit, broken link repair, and meta tag optimization.
  • All in all, this Shopify image optimization app is very easy to install and set up, so you don’t need any technical knowledge to use the app.

Price: Free installation. Paid plans from $1.99/month to $19.99/month

Rating: 4.9

SEO:Image Optimizer,Page Speed by AVADA

Image Optimizer,Page Speed by AVADA

Avada is the most highly rated marketing automation platform dedicated to e-commerce. It offers a comprehensive marketing automation solution that includes email marketing, SMS marketing, search engine optimization and sales promotion.

They offer an image optimizer dedicated to improving page speed performance scores for Shopify stores. If you’re looking for a comprehensive Shopify SEO app, SEO: Image Optimizer, Page Speed by AVADA is worth the investment. It automatically optimizes images ALT, JSON-LD, meta tags, sitemap for almost all pages for you. Make sure your site is in line with Google search best practices.


  • Improves website loading speed.
  • Compress image size and keep its quality constant to improve loading speed.
  • Optimize image ALT tags.
  • Important page structured data.
  • Automatic optimization of meta titles and descriptions for individual pages.
  • Automatic HTML site map generation.
  • Allow redirection of 404 pages to specific URLs.


It offers two plans, the free plan allows to optimize 50 product images per month and the paid plan is $29/month for unlimited image optimization.

Rating: 4.9



This Shopify image compression application comes from Booster, a company that specializes in solving SEO problems of stores so that they rank higher in search engines.

They work really hard – with great many client appraisals, for the most part, 5 stars, and countless stores utilizing the application. Booster SEO is a 3-in-1 app that resizes images, compresses them, and optimizes alt tags.

As one of the longest-running SEO apps in the Shopify app store, they are absolutely reliable. Indeed, even their free arrangement offers a limitless number of picture improvement elements to assist you with appearing in Google picture search and draw in-store guests.


  • Allows setting up automatic image optimization on a weekly basis
  • Free plan also allows unlimited image optimization
  • Automatically builds, maintains and submits your store’s sitemap to Google
  • Monitors and automatically optimizes your store to ensure you are in compliance with Google’s best practices for technical SEO, and sends weekly SEO health reports


  • Free plan: Unlimited Image Sync Quota
  • Pro plan: $34/month. Complete SEO Optimization.
  • Premium: $64/month.

Rating: 4.7

Image Optimizer by LoyaltyHarbour

Image Optimization app by LoyaltyHarbour

Image Optimizer is a Shopify app focused on image optimization that takes care of every graphic element on your site, processing it to make pages run faster and show up higher in Google searches. Typical compression ranges from 50%-60%. In addition, Image Alt Text Optimizer automatically syncs daily to ensure that all new products are creating SEO-friendly alt text.


  • Minimizes images to 50-60% of their original size and ensures image quality.
  • Automatic creation of SEO-optimized alt text.
  • Automatically renames image file names.
  • PNG to JPG conversion.
  • Backup restore.


  • Free plan: 50 images optimization for one time.
  • Basic plan: $4.99/month. 1000 images/month.
  • Advanced plan: $9.99/month. 2000 images/month.
  • Premium plan: $19.99/month. 5000 images/month.

Rating: 4.9 ‑Image Optimizer by Space Squirrel Ltd.

Crush Pics is another well-established Shopify image compression application that has been well received in the Shopify app store.

The application will take care of most of your image needs and strike a balance between automatic and manual compression, giving you great control over the look and performance of your store.

This Shopify image optimization app will help search engines to classify your images more effectively by renaming your images and ALT tags to describe the products they represent.


  • Fully automated. Compress all existing images quickly and easily.
  • Pack up to 70% of item and resource pictures (lossy compression).
  • Balanced, conservative and custom compression options available.
  • It allows you to restore to original photos within 30 days of compression.
  • will not only automatically compress your product images, but will also process your asset images.


  • Free plan: 25 MB (one-time)
  • Micro plan: $4.99/month. 500MB of images/month
  • Pro plan: $9.99/month. 2GB of images/month
  • Advanced plan: $19.99/month. 5GB of images/month

Rating: 4.8

Image Optimizer by Squirai

Image Optimizer by Squirai

This Shopify image optimization app created by Squirai allows you to manually or automatically compress product images, collection images, blog post images, and asset images. Lossless compression reduces image size by 15% and maintains image quality at 100%. Lossy compression then reduces more image sizes by 30%. And you can choose different compression types according to your needs.


  • Automatically compress images and update ALT text
  • PNG to JPG conversion
  • Custom add watermark to protect your product photos
  • Store your original images within 30 days


  • Free plan: 50 images life-time
  • Standard plan: $4.99/month. 400 images/month.
  • Professional plan: $9.99/month. 600 images per month.
  • Unlimited plan: $19.99/month. All features (not limited) + 365 days backup

Rating: 4.5

Bulk Image Edit ‑Image SEO by Hextom

Hextom dashboard

Useful image optimization tool developed by Hextom. The app not only focuses on improving SEO and performance but also meets social media needs as well as image protection needs.

It allows you to significantly reduce the image file size with a single click without losing any visible image quality. And it will tag your images with product titles, vendors and options for easy crawling by Google crawlers and more potential customers.

Unlike other tools, it also provides bulk image editing and watermark adding features. This is more beneficial for modifying into social media promotional images and protecting image property rights.


  • Batch update images with alternative text and file names
  • Minimize the image file size of product or theme assets without losing image quality
  • Batch image editing to standardize images on your website and social networks

Add text-based or picture-based watermarks to safeguard your item pictures


  • Starter plan: Free. 50 image edits per month.
  • Basic plan: $9.99/month. 1000 image edits per month.
  • Professional plan: $19.99/month. 3000 monthly edits.
  • Advanced plan: $49.99/month. 10000 monthly edits.

Rating: 4.8

SEO Audit + Image compression by Aheadworks

Optimize your store images with minifier

Minifier is a Shopify image compression application that is also responsible for alt tagging and file name optimization.

This full-highlighted application was created by investigating more than 32 million pictures utilizing an industry-driving calculation trusted by well-known brands.

It utilizes similar calculations to assist with streamlining pictures and different parts of the store so it doesn’t keep clients pausing and doesn’t unfavorably influence SEO rankings.


  • Set your optimization preferences with manual optimization
  • Calculate and analyze images and optimize them according to your settings
  • Pack pictures and set aside to 80% of space without losing picture quality
  • Revert to previous images if you don’t like the results
  • Optimize 60 images and 15 products with a free trial of this Shopify image optimization app


  • Free trial: Free. 60 free images and 15 product optimizations.
  • Starter plan: $1.99/month. 400 images included.
  • Basic plan: $3.99/month. 1000 images included.
  • Advanced plan: $7.99/month. 2500 images included.

Rating: 4.6

SEO Image Optimizer by Giraffly

SEO Image Optimizer by Giraffly

Giraffly’s SEO Image Optimizer automatically compresses images without losing their quality. It allows you to quickly modify the alternative text, file names, convert PNG to JPG to improve image SEO.

The app offers image compression that reduces image size by up to 25%. And, it also uses a delay to help you preload pages before users click on them, further improving the speed of your website.


  • Custom image compression settings
  • Image ALT tag and image filename optimization
  • Custom watermark addition
  • Provide page preload scripts
  • Compatible with all Shopify themes and no code required


Free plan: 50 images.

Standard plan: $4.99/month. 1000 images/month.

Advanced plan: $9.99/month. 2200 images/month.

Premium plan: $19.99/month. 6000 images/month.

Rating: 4.8

Wrap up

Image optimization works for any Shopify store. It’s an essential step if you want to get more exposure and traffic among stores in your industry. In addition, the Shopify App Store offers a number of SEO apps to help you improve your site rankings and get more free natural traffic.

Among the above mentioned image optimization apps, they all have their own advantages and most of them have a trial or free plans. Compare the differences between the paid plans of the different tools and try them out to find the best one before you decide to buy.

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