best shopify apps to increase conversion

Best Shopify Apps To Increase Conversion In 2022

If your business is online, it is crucial to have an online shop. Creating your online shop is the first step to success. But it is not enough to have an online shop; you have to secure the site from attackers and make sure that there are no loopholes for hackers to enter your store. It involves a lot of things like web designing and development. However, Shopify has made it easy for you by providing you with their eCommerce platform. This article will discuss the best Shopify reviews app in 2022.

Sourcing App


Oberlo App
Oberlo App

The Oberlo app is an artificial intelligence app for Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform. It is available as a free download from the Shopify website. The app makes it easy to manage products from other sites and helps store owners fill gaps in their product lineups by finding products from other online stores that would be a good fit for their own. This app has a new status symbol on the internet. It is an app that allows you to see reviews from people. You will be able to use this App to search your local area for the best shops and read reviews from real people. The app will also help you find stores based on your location and show you pictures of the best items sold in the store.

Nihao Dropshipping

nihaodropshipping homepage
nihaodropshipping homepage

Nihao Dropshipping is another great sourcing app for Shopify dropshippers. It allows you quickly import Nihao products to your stores. This great Shopify app streamlines your fulfillment process and makes shipping and delivery easy.

Nihao Dropshipping has over 12,000 products in categories such as jewelry, fashion, and beauty to help you find profitable items. Other features include customized packaging, one-on-one customer support, POD service, and more.


Awarded a staff pick by Shopify, BeProfit is an all-in-one analytics dashboard to track your business’s profit. The app provides e-commerce sellers with intuitive tools and insights to get a clear picture of their business’s finances, allowing them to scale up for growth.

It’s extremely important for any business to track profit margins since it accurately reflects long-term profitability and vulnerability. Getting your finances in sync will help you determine whether your business is on the right track to a financial gain, along with comparing and optimizing different areas in your business.  

Luckily, BeProft allows you to track profits in just a matter of minutes, as it presents key metrics in intuitive charts and graphs. It provides you with everything you need to make data-driven decisions to optimize your store

With BeProfit you can view profits with extreme accuracy in a dynamic dashboard, and convert data into valuable and actionable insights. 

The app seamlessly integrates with top ad platforms, allowing sellers to track and monitor their ads. Those meaningful marketing insights translate into more profits! 

The app features report templates and customized reports to support your business goals, which you can choose to export any way you like! You can easily analyze LTV by cohorts and much more.

The BeProfit app is also a fan favorite, with hundreds of top-rated reviews. 

Upsell App

Upsell App for Shopify

Upsell app has been one of the best Shopify apps for product review, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does the app offer you a full suite of tools for creating customized upselling sequences. This means you can use Upsell App to cross-sell products related to what your customers have already purchased. Upselling is a sales technique that encourages customers to buy more expensive or additional products and services while still in the buying mindset. For instance, you might be asked if you want fries with that when you order a burger at a restaurant. And if you’ve ever tried to order an airplane ticket online, there’s a good chance the airline asked you if you wanted travel insurance before finalizing your purchase.

Upselling works because it takes advantage of the fact that customers are already in buying mode, so they’re more likely to purchase additional items or higher-priced extras than they would be otherwise. That’s why increasing your average order value is one of the most effective ways to increase your overall sales revenue without increasing your traffic or conversion rate. Also, this app helps you to create targeted offers for different types of customers based on their past purchase browsing behavior.

Product Review App

Product Review App

Product review app is the best review app made by Shopify. It is used by over 75% of online shoppers and allows its users to leave reviews on products they buy. The app filters reviews, leave negative ones out, and only allows positive ones to be seen by the public. This app aims to create a safe environment for online shoppers where they can feel comfortable purchasing items. The app will provide an easy way for customers to review any product they have purchased from a business that uses Shopify. When customers buy something from [company name], they will be able to leave a review about their experience using the Product Review App.

Abandon Cart Recovery App

Abandon Cart Recovery app

This is the best Shopify app uses a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and real-time behavioral profiling to engage with abandoned customers. In short, when a customer abandons their shopping cart, the app sends them a personalized message offering them a discount on the item they were looking at and related products. The app has an outstanding customer service team to help you set up your account and establish best practices to ensure that your abandoned shopping cart recovery efforts are highly successful. Abandoned cart recovery apps were made to bridge the gap between abandoned shopping carts and lost sales. They can help you understand what is causing customers to abandon their carts features in abandoned cart recovery, including.

  • Re-engagement emails
  • Show cart notifications
  • Push notifications-In-store visits
  • Shopping cart follow up campaigns
  • Customer reviews

Countdown Timer App

countdown Timer App

This app lets you set timers on your page to show customers how much time they have left until a sale ends or a product goes out of stock. The app is available for free for the Shopify platform, and it’s super easy to install. Just visit the app’s website, click Install Now, enter your shop name and password, and follow the (straightforward) instructions. You can even customize the font and colors of your timers, so they look great with your brand. This app is excellent for encouraging sales or getting people excited about an upcoming event, so if you’re thinking about adding a little adrenaline to your site, this app is for you. This app has some features include.

  • Sales Countdown Timer Bar
  • Final Countdown
  • Motivator: Social Proof and Urgency Timer
  • Countdown Cart

Kit App

Kit App is a review app that helps Shopify stores manage reviewers’ content on their sites. It also helps Shopify stores manage reviewers’ content on their sites. This includes.

  • Generating new product reviews and testimonials
  • Curating and publishing product reviews to relevant channels
  • Monitoring review performance.

The kit is an app that helps you create, customize, and manage your website’s color scheme. If you have a Shopify store, Kit is a great tool to have in your back pocket. It allows you to make quick changes to your site’s aesthetic. You can use Kit App to help you keep track of your kits. Kit App helps you create the kits you need-from tea boxes to sock drawers-and even lets you share them with friends so they can build their kit from scratch.

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If you plan to start a new business, then choosing the right platform is very important. Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms that allow you to run a complete online store.

It is not only an eCommerce platform but also an excellent tool for marketing your business. It offers several advantages to the users and allows them to focus on their business.

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