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Shein Dropshipping: Can You Dropship From Shein?

If you want to start a fashion dropshipping business, have you considered Shein dropshipping? Is Shein, a store known for selling fashionable women’s clothing at low prices, likely to be your supplier of choice?

What is Shein?

SHEIN is an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce company. It mainly sells women’s clothing, but also offers men’s clothing, children’s clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and other fashion items.

Shein website homepage
Shein website homepage

It is one of the fastest growing fashion companies in recent years. in May 2021, data from app tracking companies App Annie and Sensor Tower showed that SHEIN replaced AMAZON as the most downloaded shopping app on iOS and Android platforms in the US. It was also the #1 iOS shopping app in 54 countries and territories.

If you’ve ever bought fashionable women’s, men’s or other products online, chances are you’ve heard of the brand Shein. Even if you search for Shein on YouTube, you can see hundreds of videos of the brand’s clothes being tried on.

search Shein on Youtube
search Shein on Youtube

Can you dropship from Shein?

No information on Shein dropshipping can be found on the official website of Shein. According to customer service, you can contact them by email for wholesale inquiries.

This also assumes that you can resell Shein apparel, accessories and more. It is important to note that you may not use any images of products that contain models.

If you want to start a Shein dropshipping business, you need to use your own photographed product images to prevent infringement.

Still, you can dropship from Shein.

How to dropship from Shein?

Here are two ways we offer to do this.

1. use SheinImporter

SheinImporter website homepage
SheinImporter website homepage

If you are a Shopify dropshipper, you can use SheinImporter as a tool to start a Shein dropshipping business.

It is a dropshipping tool developed for Shopify store owners who use Shein, Amazon, Ebay, Emmacloth, ModeShe, TomTop, Kohls, Lazada and Aliexpress as their primary dropshipping sources.

Steps to use:

1. Install SheinImporter

2. Find the products you want to dropship on Shein’s website, copy and paste them into SheinImporter’s dashboard so that they are automatically imported into your store

SheinImporter website homepage
SheinImporter website homepage

3. Edit pricing, shipping, titles, descriptions, images, variants and tags

Besides, importify is also another Shopify app that can help you import Shein’s products to your store.

2. Work with China sourcing agents

Product sourcing agents in China have the opportunity to help you find Shein suppliers. For example, Nihao Dropshipping offers a product sourcing function.

Copy and paste Shein’s product link into the product sourcing section of Nihao Dropshipping and fill in the product information and expected price. Nihao will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

source shein products with Nihao Dropshipping
source shein products with Nihao Dropshipping

Shein dropshipping reviews:

There are pros and cons to doing dropshipping with Shein. We have summarized the following points

Shein dropshipping pros:

  • A large selection of fashionable women’s, men’s, children’s apparel and accessories
  • Shipping to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide
  • Shein offers a wide range of sizes
  • Affordable price

Shein dropshipping cons:

  • Shein does not offer white label products, so you can’t brand yourself.
  • You cannot use Shein’s product images
  • Product quality is difficult to control

Shein dropshipping alternatives:

Nihao Dropshipping

nihaodropshipping website
nihaodropshipping website

Nihao Dropshipping is one of the best Shein dropshipping alternatives. Compared to Shein, Nihao offers clothing and jewelry at prices that are not too different. They offer white-label products and have packaging customization services, so you can expand your brand and business.


  • White label products available
  • Packaging customization available
  • Integrates with Shopify and WooCommerce


trendsi dropshipping
trendsi dropshipping

Trendsi is a clothing dropshipping company based in California, USA. With Trendsi, you can offer products for your online boutique business that are suitable for the female audience. It integrates seamlessly with Facebook, Shopify, Instagram, and other software. Working with Trendsi, you can focus on branding and front-end operations.


  • Fast shipping to US
  • Thousands of products are added every day
  • Allows for the creation of unique brand identities


tashaapparel dropshipping
tashaapparel dropshipping

Tasha Apparel Wholesale has been one of the top fashion apparel, accessories, bags and jewelry wholesalers in Los Angeles, California, offering great deals on the latest styles that customers love. They help boutique dropshippers or Amazon sellers find wholesale fashion apparel at prices 60-80% less than normal wholesale prices.


  • Free images are provided for your use
  • The latest looks available
  • Made in the USA

Read here for more Fashion Dropshippers For Your Boutiques and Wholesale Clothing Dropshippers.

To Wrap Up

Although Shein has a large selection of fashion items, Shein dropshipping maybe not the best solution for fashion dropshipping. Free to use Nihao Dropshipping to start your clothing business online!

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