how to pick the perfect shopify theme for your online store

How To Pick The Perfect Shopify Theme For Your Online Store

According to recent studies, millions of consumers flock to e-commerce stores in search of goods and services. The online market is booming, and it is a great time to establish your virtual store. The most competitive and easy platform to start your e-commerce store is Shopify.

Most entrepreneurs find the Shopify platform appealing due to its affordability, scalability, security, and ease of use. The platform offers flexibility and some special themes. There are multiple themes available, and you have the freedom of creating a theme that provides your consumers with a positive experience.

A Beginners Guide to Shopify Themes

A Shopify theme is a template that primarily determines how your website feels and looks. A theme offers you different site layouts, styles, and UX. The theme will determine how your customers view your online store. If your theme is appealing and interesting to the users they will want to purchase your products.

However, it is paramount to note that the theme you select should reflect your industry and line of business. In selecting the theme for your Shopify, it is imperative to consider the following factors.

1.  Your Budget

The first important thing you must consider when selecting the Shopify theme is your budget. Remember that the Shopify stores can be acquired at varying price ranges. Some factors will determine the price of your theme, such as:

  • The developer-If you acquire the theme from experienced or renowned developers, it will attract a higher price.
  • Flexibility and functionality-it is important to note that the customization of the theme will highly influence the price. Themes with a higher level of flexibility and functionality will attract a higher price.

2.  A Theme that is Listed in Shopify Store

It is recommended that you select a theme that supports Shopify standards. Remember that Shopify must evaluate all the themes submitted to the store to ensure that they meet the required quality and functionally before being listed. Additionally, they ensure that all the themes comply with all the policies of the store.

shopify theme
Shopify theme

Thus when selecting a Shopify theme for your store, it is imperative to choose one from the Shopify store. If you choose a theme from the store, you are guaranteed that you will get great support. Any theme that you choose in the store has a well-structured system that helps you reach out for help if you have any issues with the system. Also, all the themes located in Shopify’s theme store are assured of frequent updates and the best support.

3.  Select a Theme Depending on Features

It is essential first to shortlist the main features you are looking for in your preferred Shopify theme. Once you have identified the list of features, you can select a theme that has most of the features. Remember that choosing a theme with many features helps to cut down on the development costs you might incur in the future.

You can select a theme with most of the features and hire a developer to install the missing features. If you want to find the available features in a theme, check the features on the theme preview page. You can also check the theme demo to have a clear picture of the available features.

4.  Check Mobile Friendliness and Conversion Optimization

Mobile Friendliness

It is essential to check the mobile-friendliness of the theme you purchase as millions of people use their phones to buy products. The theme must be straightforward to navigate and very easy to make a purchase.

Another essential feature is to ensure that the themes are perfectly optimized for conversions. Some critical conversion optimization features to look out for are how easy it is to add goods to the cart.

It is important to note that some themes have sophisticated elements such as attractive navigation menus or loaders. While these elements appear very attractive, they can significantly reduce the speed of your site. Thus ensure you don’t invest in a theme installed with unnecessary elements that your site does not require.

5.  Consider the Niche of your Business

When selecting the theme of your Shopify store, it is imperative to consider the niche of your business. Remember that most developers develop certain themes for specific business niches. It is essential to ensure that the Shopify theme you select is designed for your niche.

6.  User Experience

The appearance of your site is immensely imperative for making an excellent impression on your audience. A well-organized and streamlined website should have a good background, font style, font size, and color scheme.

Some of the intrinsic features that can make your theme outstanding include:

  • Business Logo-it is the identity of your business and will help consumers identify with your brand. The business logo should appear at the top of the online store.
  • Navigation-another vital thing to ensure that there is a positive user experience is the navigation menu. It should e straightforward to use so the consumers can quickly check available products in the store.
  • Outstanding CTAs-the CTAs must be compelling and should convince the consumers to take positive action. The CTAs need to be very clear, well-spaced and attract users.
  • Image Carousel-it is necessary to add high-resolution images that will appeal to the buyers and elevate the look of your website.

7.  Optimized Checkout Process

Optimize Checkout Process

The Shopify theme that you select for your store should have an optimized checkout process. It should have a fast and intuitive process by incorporating suitable add-to-cart buttons and a straightforward method of checking the total cost.

It is also essential to be keen on the navigation buttons, allowing the users to go back to previous pages or jump to the following page.

Key Takeaway

Selecting a theme for your Shopify store is an intrinsic step to determine whether your business will be successful or not. Remember that a theme has a tremendous impact on the appearance of your store and user experience. It is crucial to consider the above factors when selecting the best Shopify theme for your business. Some imperative things to look out for in the theme are the theme’s features, mobile-friendliness, the checkout process, and the theme’s functionality.

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