pagefly create a high converting landing page easily

PageFly: Create A High-converting Landing Page Easily

In case you’ve been searching for a Shopify landing page builder app, chances are that you’ve come across PageFly already. The app is one of the well-known options and to this time, it has been installed in over 90,000 stores with an excellent track record. Most reviewers, point out that the support that you get from the support team is second to none. 

pagefly Landing Page app
pagefly Landing Page app

With PageFly, you can come up with a customized landing page, FAQs, pricing pages, the about us page, and more. Also, the app enables you to redesign the collection pages or default product pages. There’re very many elements present hence your creativity comes with no limitation. You have the freedom to use badges, reviews, banners, countdown timers, tabs, slideshows, and more. In case you’re not certain about how to design and come up with the page by yourself, you can also use over 70 free templates that are present.  In short, with the PageFly page builder, you can quickly build unique and great pages for your Shopify products without learning to code, creating a better shopping experience for your customers.

PageFly product page demo

How does PageFly work?

Before we can respond to that, it is important to let you know that you can download and install the PageFly Landing Page Builder app within no time. 

When you’ve already installed it into your computer or mobile device, you’ll come to the main dashboard of PageFly. You’ll see that there’s a chatbox located at the lower left of the screen. They’re AI and can offer you support instantly. While you design your store, the chatbox can offer you full support. 

In the column on the left, you see many tools that you can use to build a wide range of pages. Additionally, in the main area, you can find a video provided that shows everything on how you’ll need to take through on your first page. 

PageFly dashboard page

For you to create a page, you’ll need to tap on the purple button, “Create a page.” You’ll be presented with six pages to choose from. Most terms that are used here originated from Shopify, and as such, you’ll not get an option of a landing page. In case you need to build a landing page, you’ll require to choose the “Regular” page option.  It allows you to create a wide range of pages, such as landing, sales, promotions, contact, about us, testimonial pages, etc. The wording may become a bit confusing initially but instantly you’ll understand it. You’ve got the freedom to do a lot with the PageFly app. 

Different landing pages on PageFly

PageFly Pros

-As a Shopify landing page builder, it comes with a sizable library of useable elements

-Versioning of your pages

-It is easy to use for Shopify beginners

-Offers 24/7 chat support with a reply time of 6-minutes

-Offers you over 70 free templates 

-It even has a free plan

-There are plenty of tutorials, articles and videos that will teach you how to get the most out of the platform.

PageFly Pricing Plan

One impressive and outstanding thing about the PageFly app is pricing. FREE Plan is available with PageFly. You will be equipped with full features/functions when using a FREE plan and getting world-class support 24/7. It can cover one saved section and a single page in each type. 

If you want to get more, you’ll need to upgrade to an option like a premium plan that begins at $19 every month and can go up to about 499 monthly. Additionally, you can also take advantage of the discounts given by their partners. 

-10% discount for the platinum plan upgrade

-5% discount if you upgrade to a gold plan

-5% discount if you upgrade to a silver plan

Without a doubt, PageFly is a great option to start your business.

Is PageFly responsive?

Because most customers make purchases directly on their mobile phones, the app must respond well to both desktop and mobile devices. And fortunately, PageFly is one of those Shopify landing page builders that respond well to both. Most customers point out that the PageFly app responds nicely on desktop and mobile phones. With a responsive app, navigation is easy and seamless. 


Whether you need to create a landing page for your dropshipping business or service, PageFly has a lot to offer you without spending a fortune. As it looks, the PageFly landing page app offers a promising and helpful solution for merchants to be able to customize their stores. There are no options to match all-purpose, and therefore, the one remaining option to be sure that it matches the needs of your business is to give it a try starting with the free plan. You’ll always try one and do an upgrade later. If you have any other questions regarding this review, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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