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Oberlo Shutting Down: What Are The Best Alternatives

Oberlo has always had a reputation for being the best in terms of its features and functionality, and hundreds of thousand of dropshippers are using Oberlo for business. But recently, if you search Oberlo on the Shopify app store, you will find that you can’t find it anymore!

The truth is DSers has teamed up with Oberlo to launch a new data migration solution. So from May 12, 2022, Oberlo was delisted. For online sellers, they will have to find another solution to continue their dropshipping business.

Fortunately, there are many other great applications available to help you with your business. If you’re looking for Oberlo alternatives(free and paid), there are a few options to consider.

1. DSers

dsers homepage
dsers homepage

Dsers is the official Aliexpress dropshipping solution. In addition, you can quickly migrate your data from Oberlo to Dsers thanks to the data merge between Dsers and Oberlo. With it, you can process hundreds of orders at a time. Moreover, it offers a permanent free plan for beginners and can perfectly fit the needs of your small business as a beginner.

2. Aliexpress Dropship

Aliexpress Dropship is a software that allows you to import products from AliExpress into your Shopify store without setting up an account manually on Aliexpress. This means that all your orders will be fulfilled by AliExpress directly, and they will ship them out to customers without any hassle from your end. For example, if someone places an order on your site, Aliexpress Dropship will automatically send the product details to AliExpress and ship it out directly from their warehouse!

3. Nihao Dropshipping

Nihao Dropshipping Plugin for WordPress/Shopify
Nihao Dropshipping Plugin for WordPress/Shopify

Nihao Dropshipping is another free Oberlo dropshipping plugin that works with Shopify and WooCommerce. Although it doesn’t help you import products from Aliexpress, its suppliers are also from China and the prices of some products are even lower than on Aliexpress.

Nihao Dropshipping and Nihao Jewelry are part of the same company, and they specialize in fashion products, especially in women’s clothing, jewelry and other accessories.

So if you want to dropshipping fashion items, this free Shopify app is the best alternative!

4. Dropified

Dropified offers everything Oberlo does at no cost: shipping price calculation and tracking, inventory management (with automatic repricing), order management and fulfillment tracking, Facebook ads integration, automated email marketing campaigns, and the list! This is another great choice if you’re just starting or don’t need advanced features yet (and it’s worth noting that Dropified offers a paid version with even more features).

5. Spocket

spocket for dropshipping
spocket for dropshipping

This dropshipping plugin is one of the most popular Oberlo alternatives because it offers many of the same features as Oberlo and has some additional features that make it an excellent option for those looking to expand their business without spending money. With it, you can list products from different suppliers in one place and then manage orders from the same platform. Unlike Oberlo, most of Spocket’s suppliers are from Europe and the United States. If you are located in these countries/regions, it is a good choice because shipping will be faster overall easier and more reliable for you.

6. Printful

Printful’s interface is similar to Oberlo’s, but it’s more user-friendly and intuitive. The main difference between these two platforms is that Printful mainly offers print-on-demand products, while Oberlo helps you import products from Aliexpress. Note that Printful is designed for Shopify, so it does not support WooCommerce.

7. Salehoo

Salehoo is a great option to expand your business without spending money on expensive apps or services. This tool offers a wide range of features, including SEO optimization, email marketing campaigns, and more! You can also connect your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram to communicate directly with customers through these platforms. The app also allows users to create an unlimited number of product listings in any category by simply dragging them into place on their website – no need for technical knowledge required!

8. WooDropship


WooDropship is a dropshipping automation tool that lets you create and manage your store with zero upfront cost. It’s free to use, but some paid upgrades are available if you want more features like automatic shipping labels and auto-approval of orders. If you’re looking for an easy way to get started with dropshipping, this is one of the best Oberlo alternatives.

9. Importify

Importify is also one of the most popular Oberlo alternatives because it is entirely free and comes with many of the same features as Oberlo itself. You can create an account and start selling your products in just minutes! It is compatible with the largest wholesalers and fully integrated with Shopify, Wix, Woocommerce and jumpseller. If you’re looking for simplicity and ease-of-use above all else, then Spocket may be right up your alley!

10. Modalyst

Modalyst has millions of products in more than 40 categories. Its Chrome extension instantly adds billions of dropshipping products to your store and it integrates with the AliExpress API to connect orders and track them. It is superior to Oberlo because in addition to allowing you to sell Aliepxress products, it also has its own US suppliers to provide quality products for you to sell.

Final Word

Although Oberlo will soon be no longer available, there are still many great WooCommerce and Shopify dropshipping apps on the market for you to choose from.

If you’re looking for a free alternative that offers more features than Oberlo does, this article covers informative content about the best options.

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