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Nihao Dropshipping Reviews: Is It Legit?

The advent and increasing popularity of the e-commerce industry today has offered great opportunities to entrepreneurs and consumers alike. Dropshipping, an e-commerce business model, enables entrepreneurs to sell and deliver products directly from manufacturers or dropshippers, to consumers. The business transaction is fulfilled without the entrepreneur having physical ownership of the goods. The benefits of dropshipping business today cannot be overemphasized, as it is cheap and easy to start and maintain.

With numerous dropshipping companies today, it is imperative to have an understanding of how each operates, including their quality of service. We hope to provide readers with helpful answers through a thorough assessment of Nihao Dropshipping.

What is Nihao Dropshipping?

nihaodropshipping homepage

Nihao Dropshipping provides dropshipping services to customers and entrepreneurs. It provides a one-stop dropshipping solution, which includes product sourcing, order processing, shipping, and other processes involved in successful dropshipping. The company also provides a wide range of quality and affordable products in different niches. The company’s vision entails helping entrepreneurs begin their dropshipping business seamlessly, while providing them with a better and easier dropshipping experience.

Company Info

The company was established on October 19th, 2021. And it is a legitimate dropshipping supplier and agent.

Nihao Dropshipping is a subsidiary of Nihao Group, which Nihao Jewelry, an online store for fashion jewelry and accessories, is also a subsidiary of. It is an upgrade of Nihao Jewelry which offers both wholesale and dropshipping services for jewelry, clothing, and more products. On the other hand, Nihao Dropshipping offers a wide range of products for entrepreneurs to dropship.

Nihao Dropshipping website may have been created less than a year ago, but the company has a lot of experience in wholesale and dropshipping. 

In addition to the availability of information on the dropshipping founder Jun Xie, other information about the company is available to the public. The information includes:

– Address: 5th Floor, Baonas Factory District, No.505 Zongze North Road, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China.

– China Phone number: +86 – 19157890821

– Email:

The availability of information about the company to the public makes the business transparent and trustworthy. And you can contact them via WhatsApp, phone, and in-site messenge as well as email.

Dropshipping Steps with Nihao

Customer can easily set up their Nihao Dropshipping account on either the website or mobile app. The steps are:

– Step1: Register a free account.

– Step 2: Connect your Shopify or WooCommerce store.

– Step 3: Add products from Nihao Dropshipping to your Shopify or WooCommerce store.

– Step 4: Sell products in your store.

– Step 5: Pay for the ordered products on your online store and have the delivered by Nihao to the customer.

Read this article to get a step-by-step guide.

The availability of a mobile app means customers can initiate their dropshipping business operation through the company’s website or application. In addition, the steps are also seamless, making the dropshipping experience smooth.

Nihao Dropshipping Products

Nihao Dropshipping has a wide range of products from which customers and entrepreneurs can choose. The categories of products offered by the dropshipping company include:

– Jewelry and Watches

– Clothes

– Toys

– Shoes

– Pet supplies

– Beauty and Wigs, etc.

Customers can also browse products in categories like:

– Best Sellers

– New Arrivals

– Special Offer

– Global Original Sources

Nihao Dropshipping Features

  1. Automatic dropshipping. Nihao can help you quickly import products to your store to sell and automate your dropshipping process.
  2. Free product sourcing: You can submit a product sourcing request to Nihao and they will help you find quality sources as soon as possible.
  3. Free warehousing and pre-order. To speed up shipping and avoid shipping delays due to lack of inventory during peak seasons, you can order best-selling products in advance and store them in Nihao’s warehouse.
  4. Customized packaging. This service is convenient for you to build your own brand.


The dropshipping company provides quality products at very competitive prices. This includes over 100,000 winning products offered at affordable prices. On the dropshipping website, prices of quality products could start from less than $1.

Other than product fees and shipping costs, Nihao Dropshipping does not charge plugin setup fees, monthly fees, or membership fees. Additional fees will be charged for packaging customization and product photography.


The next step after setting up a Nihao Dropshipping account is selecting an authorization and setting it up. Nihao Dropshipping has two authorization options:

– Shopify

– WooCommerce

Shopify & WooCommerce dropshipping with Nihao

Shopify or WooCommerce assist entrepreneurs in setting up their online stores and connecting customers with their products. Through these platforms, business owners are able to show customers their Nihao Dropshipping products. The dropshipping company might integrate with other e-commerce platforms like Magento, giving its customers more options to choose from.

And, although they are not currently integrated with Amazon, eBay, etc., you can upload orders for Nihao to fulfill for you.

Payment Method

The accepted payment methods on the Nihao dropshipping platform include PayPal and credit cards. The preferred credit cards include:


– MasterCard

– Discover


Shipping Method

Nihao Dropshipping company delivers to customers internationally. Although shipping is unavailable in remote locations like Guam, American Samoa, Marshall Islands, Pacific Islands, Palau, and US Virgin Islands. The dropshipping company shipping offers a wide selection of shipping options which include:

– FedEx



– NH YunExpress, etc.

Delivery Details

Orders are processed within 2-4 working days and shipped only on business days. For a single product, you can see the shipping cost and estimated delivery time on the product page. And they also have a shipping calculator on the website. But, the shipping fee varies on the weight, dimension, and destination of the items in the order. Hence, it is not a flat rate but subjective to the order.


The dropshipping company hasn’t been in operation for a year, but it still has lots of positive feedback from customers. The reviews are about the quality of products and services offered by the dropshipping company. There are five customer reviews on Reputon, with an overall rating of 5 stars. In addition, the dropshipping company also has 37 positive customer reviews on the Shopify App Store, with a total rating of 4.9 stars.

Nihao dropshipping reviews on reputon
Nihao dropshipping reviews on reputon
Nihao dropshipping reviews on shopify
Nihao dropshipping reviews on shopify

These positive customer reviews are good indicators of the great dropshipping service offered by the company. Customers can draw confidence from these testimonies and have trust in the dropshipping company.


Nihao Dropshipping company might be recently registered, but it is nevertheless making a name for itself in the dropshipping industry. As you can see, the dropshipping company offers a wide range of products to its customers while providing them with a smooth dropshipping experience. With the company’s transparency and positive reviews from old customers, new customers can confidently set up their dropshipping account with the company and enjoy a seamless dropshipping experience. With room for future growth, this dropshipping company is perfectly positioned to be a force in the dropshipping industry.

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