what is nihao dropshipping and how does it work

What Is Nihao Dropshipping And How Does It Work?

Nihao Dropshipping is a professional dropshipping agent offering an all-in-one dropshipping solution for online sellers worldwide. From product sourcing and listing, order fulfillment to shipping, Nihao does everything automatically to simplify your dropshipping tasks.

What can Nihao Dropshipping do for you?

Integrate shopify stores

Nihao Dropshipping integrates with Shopify now. Authorize your Shopify store with Nihao. By doing this, it is easy to source and import products from Nihao to your shop with simple clicks.

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Find products for dropshippers

Nihao Dropshipping Homepage

Nihao Dropshipping has a marketplace where dropshippers can find millions of products to sell online. Products in almost all categories, such as fashion accessories, clothing, consumer electronics, home decorations, are ready to sell.

What if you can’t find the ideal products?

Nihao offers product sourcing request services! You are free to post sourcing requests in Nihao Dropshipping App. Once you have filled in basic information about the products, Nihao will find the products that you are looking for as soon as possible.

Be your existing product’s supplier

You don’t have to stop at one supplier. If your existing product is out of stock and Nihao has the same one, or you find that Nihao offers the same product at a lower price, you can easily connect the existing product to Nihao product so that Nihao will be your dropshipping supplier.

Automate fulfill orders

Once your customer places an order in your store, it will be automatically synced to Nihao Dropshipping App. Add it to your cart and pay for it, then Nihao will fulfill the order and ship it to your customer directly.

In-time order tracking

When Nihao prepares the order and ships it to your customer, you and your customer will see the logistic status and tracking number in time.

How does Nihao Dropshipping work?

  1. Create an account.
  2. Authorize your Shopify store.
  3. Select products on Nihaodropshipping.com and add them to import list. For products that cannot be found on Nihao, post a sourcing request for free.
  4. Edit product information and then import them to your Shopify store.
  5. When your customer places an order, add it to cart and pay for it.
  6. Nihao will process the order and ship it to your customer.

Benefits Of Dropshipping From Nihao Dropshipping

A vast product catalog to choose from

There are millions of products at affordable prices for dropshippers to select from through Nihao Dropshipping. It does not require direct communication with the suppliers, so you can use the website easily.

Quality Control

With a professional quality control team to grasp the quality of the product, dropshippers do not have to worry about product quality. For out-of-stock products or product quality issues, Nihao Dropshipping will provide you with satisfactory solutions based on the actual situation.

One-to-one Customer Support

one-to-one customer service

Nihao Dropshipping has a professional customer service team to solve your pre-sales and after-sales problems. You can get in touch with their customer service team via phone or email anytime. And they will do their best to reply to you within hours.

Worldwide delivery

Worldwide delivery

Nihao serves dropshippers from all over the world. Nihao cooperates with multiple reliable logistics providers to provide you with cheap and fast shipping solutions.

Final Thoughts

Nihao Dropshipping is a great dropshipping agent from China. It provides you almost all of the dropshipping services for free and makes beginners start their dropshipping journey easily and quickly.

Start dropshipping with Nihao Dropshipping now!

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    1. Hi Tina,
      Sorry for the late reply. Our customer support contacted you by WhatsApp yesterday. If you have any other questions, feel free to tell her. Thanks!

    1. Hi Dina,
      Yes, you can dropship from Nihao. You may need to list product on your bugcartel store manually since we don’t support automatic import from Nihao to bigcartel.
      But Nihao can fulfill orders for you. Just import your orders on Nihao Dashboard, and pay for them, Nihao will fulfill them.
      If there are more questions, please contact our customer service:
      WhatsApp: +86 19357652701
      E-mail: info@nihaodropshipping.com

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