Customized Packaging on Nihao Dropshipping

New Feature: Customize Your Packaging on Nihao Dropshipping

Good News! We have added a new feature to the Nihao Dropshipping app: Packaging Customization.

For dropshipping businesses, custom packaging is a great way to grow your brand. And that’s what a lot of dropshippers needed.

Prior to this, Nihao also provides packaging customization services, but you need to communicate the details with your account manager. It was time-consuming. With the new packaging customization feature, you can easily design your custom packaging.

How to customize packaging on Nihao Dropshipping?

Here are the general steps:

  • Select package type and quantity
  • Design the package
  • Pay for the package
  • Connect the product with the packaging
  • Place dropshipping orders and use custom packaging

A Step-by-step Guide:

1. Select package type and quantity

In the Nihao Dropshipping dashboard, go to Products Connection>Packaging Customization

Find a package in the Pre-Designed Packaging section and click Purchase

custom packaging entrance
custom packaging entrance

Choose the size, color and quantity of the packaging. Please note that the minimum order quantity for custom packaging is 200.

choose color size quantity for packaging
choose color size quantity for packaging

2. Design the package

You can add custom options to the packaging, such as images and text.

3. Pay for the package

When you finished the design, click Pay.

click pay

Choose a payment method and pay for the customized packaging.

pay for customized packaging
pay for customized packaging

4. Connect the product with the packaging

The next step is to connect your products to customized packaging. Go back to Products Connection>Packaging Customization, find the Packaging connection section, select the appropriate product from your store and connect it to the corresponding packaging.

connect product to customzied packaging
connect product to customzied packaging

In the My Custom Packaging section, you will find your packaging inventory, and the connected products.

my custom packaging section
my custom packaging section
disconnect product to the packaging

If you want to disconnect a product from the packaging, just select the product and click on the Disaccociate button.

5. Place dropshipping orders and use custom packaging

Only when your custom packaging has arrived at our warehouse, your dropshipping order could be shipped with the custom packaging.

Add your dropshipping order to Cart and pay for it.

By default, each product in the order that has been connected with a package will be matched with a custom package. That is, if two products in the order are connected to the custom packaging, the order will use two packaging inventories.

You can click the Show custom packaging button to see the inventory records for that package.

show custom packaging

The image below shows that the order will use two custom packages.

lock inventory records

If you want to use only one or no custom package, click the unlock package button or change the package quantity.

modify package quantity

If you have no questions about the order, pay for the order and Nihao will fulfill it for you.

So that’s all about customizing and using packaging at Nihao. Comment below or suggest to our customer service to improve our new features! We’d be glad to hear from you!

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