marketing calendar 2022 key dates for business

Marketing Calendar 2022: Key Dates for Business

Businesses should pay attention towards the next year and keep in mind some dates to remember. These are dates that will allow you to get a boost in your sales by offering promotions depending on the occasion. Here are some dates to remember in your marketing calendar in 2022:

Marketing Calendar In January

January 1: New Year’s Day

1 January is the first day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar. It is a great time to promote your items for all users.

January 17 – International Day of Italian Cuisine

This is the day Italian restaurants have been waiting for. It is the right time to give some promotions and highlight some of the best items on your menu. Not everyone knows about this day though so better put some reminders on your social media pages so that they would know.

Marketing Calendar In February

February 14 – Valentine’s Day

2022 valentines day

Valentine’s Day is without a doubt the biggest day for all restaurants all over the world. After all, couples are looking to celebrate this occasion by dining at restaurants. If you have a restaurant then you must take advantage by offering set meals which would make the restaurant offers even more. Don’t forget to tell your customers that they must reserve ahead of time in order to ensure themselves a slot as restaurants tend to get packed on this day pretty fast. As a result, walking into a restaurant won’t be a smart idea.

See which are the best-selling products on Valentine’s day.

Marketing Calendar In March

March 8 – International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

All ladies should be given discounts on this day whether your business is a restaurant or a clothing store. After all, it is the day that we recognize equal rights between men and women. Add that to the fact that bars would usually have free drinks for ladies on this day.

Marketing Calendar In April

April 18 – Easter Monday

Take advantage of this festive occasion by doing various Easter egg hunts. As a matter of fact, almost all hotels would have this sort of activity on their ground that would have kids wanting more. After all, this can result in lots of prizes for them.

Marketing Calendar In May

May 6 – No Diet Day

Fast food restaurants should be quick to take advantage of this day by putting out some packages that would cater to those who would use this day as a cheat day for their respective diets. Of course, it would also benefit those who are not dieting at all. It is one of those days when it would be common for restaurants to have buffets containing foods that are high in fats. In fact, it is common for people to exercise the day after this one.

May 8: Mother’s Day

mother's day
mother’s day

Marketing through festivals is a great way to market. And Mother’s Day is also a day when various distributors promote their products. You can incorporate marketing into the lives of your users based on the characteristics of the holiday.

May 13 – World Cocktail Day

This is the perfect way for bars and restaurants to show off their newest cocktails by lowering the prices of some bars. Because of this occasion, people would have a reason to drink lots of cocktails. It would encourage bars to have open bars which are unlimited cocktails and that is always a good thing.

Marketing Calendar In June

June 5, 12, or 19 – Father’s Day

Father’s Day will be among the three dates above depending on where you live. It is a great chance for restaurants to give promotions for fathers. Boutique stores can also give discounts for items that are for guys.

Marketing Calendar In July

July 4: Independence Day

If your customers are from the United States, products for Independence Day are very popular during this time of year.

July 24 – International Tequila Day

Those who order tequila bottles should be getting a freebie at bars and restaurants. The same should also hold true for those who order cocktails that contain tequila. This is a great chance for food establishments to give out promotional items in order to promote their business.

Marketing Calendar In August

August 5 – International Beer Day

Unlimited beer is pretty common for bars on this day. Thus, you can expect bars to be pretty full up until late at night.

August 26 – International Dog Day

This is the perfect opportunity for malls to give promotions for families or couples who bring their dogs with them. Of course, they should advise pets to be in diapers. It is always a great experience to bring your pets along.

Marketing Calendar In October

October 31 – Halloween


It is a great day for bars because it is the perfect opportunity to welcome people who like to dress up. Establishments can even award a ‘Best Costume Award’ to those who have nice costumes.

Marketing Calendar In November

November 24: Thanksgiving

Don’t forget to use the Thanksgiving Day promotion to give back to your regular customers and thank them for their love of your products.

November 25: Black Friday

November 28: Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are often combined by marketers for one promotion due to their close timing.

Marketing Calendar In Decemeber

December 25: Christmas

Christmas is arguably the last big event promotion of the year. People will buy a lot of goods during this period.

In conclusion, all businesses should mark all dates above as it is a good opportunity to boost sales. It is also a nice way to let more people know about your business.

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