how to start dropshipping in malaysia in 2022

How to Start Dropshipping In Malaysia In 2022

dropshipping in malaysia
dropshipping in malaysia

Do you want to build a business, but you do not know how and where to begin with?

Well, you are in the right place. One of the most profitable ventures nowadays is e-commerce, particularly the dropshipping business. So how does this work? And what can you do as a Malaysian dropshipper?


Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method. The drop shipper does not have to keep products in stock in this type of business. The drop shipper will advertise and sell the product. If there is a prospective buyer, he will pass the sales order to a third-party supplier. The latter then ships the order to the customer. In return, the drop shipper will receive his profit or commission for successfully selling the products.

This is ideal if you do not have the capital needed to start a business and the luxury of time to prepare the product shipments.

Best Products For Malaysian Dropshippers

It is essential to focus on a particular niche and products to sell. It will also count if such products are of your passion or personal interest because it will make you more motivated and dictate the long-term effect on the success or failure of your business. However, make sure that the products will touch the buyer’s interest because the very purpose of the drop shipping business is to profit.

There are many ideal products that you can sell on e-commerce platforms or drop-shipments. But we highly recommend Malaysian fashion, electronics, personal care, and household products such as the following:

Batik– it is a fabric made from silk. The shirt and accessory manufacturers usually use Batik because of its intricate, multicolored patterns and high-quality material. The batik or products made from it are an ideal gift for any event.


Cucuk Sanggul– these are hairpins made of gold or silver. It is considered a traditional souvenir because of its decorative patterns. It also mirrors the rich culture and tradition of Malaysia.

Handwoven gifts– these are ornaments and souvenirs made by handicraft shops. The products are usually made from bamboo.

hand-woven basket
hand-woven basket

Songket– it is a fabric similar to batik. It is used as a material in making clothes and wall accessories. What makes it different from batik is that it represents the mixture of three cultures; Chinese, Indian, and Malaysian.

Tropical art– these are souvenirs made by art shops. It has hand-drawn pictures or paintings with vibrant colors.

Sarong– it is a patterned cloth for men and women.

These were just a few Malaysian products that you can sell through dropshipping. With the very dynamic trade in Malaysia, you can find many more “winning products” for your dropshipping business.

Aside from that, most of these items are not perishable. This means that you will not be pressured to sell the products immediately, or else they will be spoiled or damaged. As a new dropshipping entrepreneur, you are highly encouraged to sell non-perishable items that are trendy.

Why Choose Malaysian Dropshipping Suppliers?

1. Many shopping places– Malaysia has a lot of well-known shopping centers, and you can find them easily on social media sites. Therefore, it would not be difficult for you to drop shipping even if you are not in Malaysia.

The Malaysian dropshippers and big dropshipping suppliers can be found in different parts of Malaysia. The best and well-known shopping centers in Malaysia are the following:

Penang has three top-class malls, namely Straits Quay Marina, Gurney Paragon, and Queensbay. Here, the items such as clothes and the latest technology are cheap and budget-friendly.

Labuan and Langkawi islands are popular tourist destinations and shopping spots because the items here, such as chocolates, cosmetics, alcohol, and perfumes, can be bought at a meager price.

2. You can bargain with the suppliers– Malaysian suppliers, just like other suppliers in the world, are generous too in granting a bargain. You can bargain for a lower price, especially if you buy in bulk!

How Do I Become A Malaysian Dropshipper?

1. Know your motivation– think of the products close to your interest. For example, you are into beauty products and cosmetics. You can have your list and pick the one that motivates you.

2. Search for the Malaysian supplier– the easiest way is to search it on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using keywords such as “Malaysian dropshippers” and “dropshipping supplier in Malaysia.” But you can also look for suppliers using trade directories, recommendations, utilities, trade associations, and trade shows and exhibitions.

3. Talk with your dropshipping supplier– ask them the available and best-selling items, prices, and their rules in dropshipping.

4. Build your e-commerce profile using e-commerce and dropshipping platforms.

5. Start selling

Are There Any Best Dropshipping Suppliers In Malaysia For 2022? Yes!

It is important to look for a supplier with winning items and reasonable prices and a supplier that will help you especially when you are a newbie. There are many kind and generous suppliers, especially Malaysian suppliers. You just have to look for them. But if you would ask us, these are the top five best dropshipping Malaysian suppliers for 2022. You can make business with them because they are legit and cheap!

1. Twenty3– it is a fashion store with day to night dresses for women beautifully appropriate for women in 20 different countries. It has five physical stores

2. Nihao Dropshippingit is a Chinese dropshipping supplier specialized in fashion jewelry and clothing. Proven logistics and quality products allow you to quickly buy cheap and fashionable dropshipping products from Malaysia.

3. Save Value– it is a sizeable dropshipping company that offers a wide variety of products, including pet accessories, cosmetics, car accessories, and kitchenware.

4. Asogo is the largest dropshipping supplier and wholesale of all kinds of bicycles.

5. SaleHoo is the supplier for those dropshippers that sell on eBay and Amazon.

6. Heartbeat– it is the largest supplier of personalized gifts

You will not regret trying dropshipping because it has low to no risk. After all, you do not need capital to start this. Also, we have the best Malaysian dropshipping suppliers that you can contact and do business with anytime. What are you waiting for? Start your dropshipping journey now and earn money!

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