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How to Source Products from China Without Going?

It is a known fact that sourcing products from China are a nice way to start a business since the products there are cheap. As a result, it would be best to know how to source products from China without actually going there since buying a plane ticket just to go there can cost a lot of money. Product sourcing in China is pretty popular because the quality of the products is pretty good and there is a wide range of products that you can choose from. Hence, when you shop for items at the nearest mall, it should be no surprise that most items there have a ‘Made in China’ tag on them. Here are a few ways to source products from China without having to go there:

Search on Alibaba

Alibaba homepage
Alibaba homepage

When you search for an item, you will most likely be directed to supplies that supply that item. Your next step should be looking at the reviews that their past clients made about them. It is evident you are going to have product requirements and you will find out right away if the products do indeed meet your requirements. If not, there are just many options out there so you must take your time and be a bit patient. After all, hurrying up your business would get you nowhere. You can exchange terms and conditions with each other online. Once that is over, you can verify what you have read when you contact them in order to be sure you are on the same page.

There is nothing wrong with talking to the customer service team of each company in order to get a feel of how they handle their clients. If you feel a bit comfortable with them then you can ask for an obligation-free quote.

Find a Chinese Sourcing Agent

Most of the burden that comes with sourcing products from China will be taken off of your hands when you hire a Chinese sourcing agent. Keep in mind most sourcing agents speak good English so you can throw the language barrier out the window. It is normal to be annoyed when you are trying to do business with people who are bad at English. Besides, ask more questions before placing an order to avoid misunderstandings. since we are talking about huge money. Also, the sourcing agent would educate you on what would happen if you pursue this type of business. Additionally, the sourcing agent would be the one to judge suppliers and product quality as this is an area that they have experience in. You would certainly want your money’s worth so dealing with an expert would be an ideal thing to do.

Shenzhen has many sourcing agents as it is known as the ultimate hub for electronics. There is no doubt it is one of the most popular electronic companies in the world so they own a great number of sourcing agents. Also, if you want to source small goods, accessories, etc. from China, choose sourcing agents/suppliers from Yiwu. Yiwu is well known as a production and manufacturing base for small goods in China, and you can find almost everything you want here. Since they are popular, you can rest assured you are going to get high-quality products from them. Additionally, sourcing agents would negotiate prices for you since they are fluent in Chinese. It would depend on how many items you are going to purchase since you can get a bigger discount if you buy in bulk.

Here are the top 9 China dropshipping suppliers/agents that you can try:

  • Nihao Dropshipping – Fashion jewelry & Women’s apparel
  • uDroppy
  • Wiio
  • HyperSKU
  • SourcinBox
  • Eprolo
  • CJ Dropshipping
  • Chinabrands
  • TikSuper

Go to Local Trade Fairs

local trade fairs

Most of the time, there are many trade fairs in your country that would showcase suppliers for China products. Surely, there are already many businesses looking for people who would want to supply their products to your country. It would feel great how you can meet those people without needing to go to China. They will educate you on their products right away. They have been in the industry for a while so they will tell you about all the difficulties you can possibly encounter in the near future.

In conclusion, it is imperative to get into product sourcing once you are up for it and take all the risks. After all, there is always the risk of possibly receiving items, not in good condition. Believe it or not, all buyers buying online would eventually have to accept that risk so it is pretty normal. Always remember dealing with experienced companies is ideal.

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