How to find winning products on tiktok

How to Find Winning Products On Tiktok?

Thanks to Tiktok’s growing popularity, people have been using the said social platform for various purposes besides entertainment. In fact, people are now using the platform to market and sell their products with the help of viral videos.

After all, attractive product videos that go viral will be the talk of the town in Tiktok! And thanks to the vast number of trending Tiktok winning products on the said platform, you should easily find the next shiny product to sell in your business.

But then again, the number of viral product videos on Tiktok can be quite overwhelming for you. Having said that, here is a helpful guide that’ll help you spot the ultimate winning products on Tiktok below!

Qualities of Tiktok Winning Products


Before diving deep into your hunt to find the next best-selling product for your store, you should first find out the qualities of a winning product. After all, Tiktok winning products aren’t just any trendy products among consumers. That said, here are the following qualities of winning products on Tiktok below:

1. They’re one-of-a-kind

Sure, aesthetic phone cases are quite popular among many consumers nowadays. But then again, many people already sell this product. So, unless you can make your own phone cases stand out from the rest, they can’t really be deemed a winning item.

Generally, a winning item has to be a product that can’t be purchased elsewhere. Going by the example above, you can find many phone cases in other shops. But of course, even though the product is unique, it should still be practical to own to catch the attention of buyers.

2. They exhibit a wow factor

Winning products exhibit a wow factor to them as well. Think about that last impulse purchase you made where the product sparked joy in you! That’s what a winning product with a wow factor should be like.

3. An innovative product that can solve a problem

Without a doubt, consumers are attracted to products that can solve their problems or make tasks less of a hassle to do. For instance, those trendy and innovative gadgets that make cooking easier for everyone are a perfect example of how innovative products become must-have items for various users.

Ways to Find the Best Winning Products on Tiktok

Now that you know what to look for in a winning product, here are the following steps you should take when hunting for the best Tiktok winning products below:

Dive into Tiktok hashtags

Many Tiktok users add hashtags to their videos to ensure their clips reach their target audiences. However, you shouldn’t really be going through the #WinningProduct, #DropshippingProducts, and other similar hashtags when doing your search. If you do that, you’ll most likely find videos that are catered toward fellow sellers like you.

If you genuinely want to find the best winning items on the said platform, you should look into platform and product category-related hashtags. In terms of platform hashtags, you can look up winning products by using hashtags such as #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt or #AmazonFinds. You’d be pleasantly surprised to see the selection of wonderful items you can choose from.

Meanwhile, you can use the product category hashtags if you’ve already decided on a particular category. For example, if you’re diving into the fitness category, you can look up #FitnessMustHaves. On the other hand, you’d want to use the #KitchenMustHaves if you want to look up trendy kitchen gadgets in Tiktok.

Determine what product categories are trending in Tiktok

tiktok trending product
tiktok trending product

Aside from diving into the corresponding Tiktok hashtags, you should also determine what product categories are trending on the platform. To give you an idea, some of the top product categories in the video hosting service platform include the following:

  •  Entertainment
  •  Fashion
  •  Cosmetics
  •  Animal or pet videos
  •  Skincare

From there, you can narrow down your options as you pick your most preferred category. You can choose the category that appeals to you the most and the one that you think has the best selection of winning items!

Train the Tiktok algorithm to get specific videos of winning products straight to your feed

filter on tiktok

If you’re a Tiktok enthusiast yourself, you’ve probably noticed that most of the videos on your For You Page or FYP are clips of topics you’re already interested in! Besides, as the name suggests, the For You Page is designed to recommend content based on the following factors:

  •  The interactions you make in the app (shared/liked clips, followed accounts, comments, etc.)
  •  The searches you make in the app
  •  Details about the clips you post (captions, hashtags used, and the like)

If you tend to watch and finish videos related to skincare, there’s a massive chance that you’ll be recommended with more skincare-related clips on your FYP. Furthermore, if you also happen to follow a bunch of Fitness-related accounts and share their content, you’ll also notice that your FYP will include more Fitness Tiktok videos.

Basically, you can train the Tiktok algorithm to get specific videos of winning products onto your feed by showing an interest in a particular category. Eventually, you will notice that your FYP will recommend more videos on that topic.

Try out product hunting tools

Although you can find some excellent Tiktok winning products by simply following the advice above, you can also try out product hunting tools to help with your search. Naturally, using these tools won’t help you immediately find the best winning item.

After all, you’ll primarily use them to find inspiration and access valuable data.

Although these tools cost money, they can save you time when searching for great products to sell in your store. Many of these tools will organize Tiktok ads in one area, sparing you the hassle of manually browsing through hundreds of clips.

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How to source products when you find winning products on Tiktok?

  1. Find product on Aliexpress. Many dropshippers are selling Aliexpress products and yes, you can find almost everything from this dropshipping platform.
  2. Ask a dropshipping agent/supplier. Apart from Aliexpress, there are a number of dropshipping agents and supplliers for your to source products. Nihao Dropshipping is one of them. And the great thing of Nihao is that they allow you to source products for free. You only need to upload a picture of the winning product on Tiktok and submit a sourcing request. Then Nihao will source it within one work day.


Although Tiktok started as a social media platform for mere entertainment purposes, it has now become a great platform where sellers can keep up with the latest consumer trends. But of course, finding the best Tiktok winning products isn’t going to be easy. But once you find the ultimate winning product to sell in your store, you should be able to rake in profits in no time.

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