How to estimate shipping cost on Nihao Dropshipping

How to Estimate Shipping Cost on Nihao Dropshipping?

For dropshippers, shipping time and shipping costs are the most concerning topics. In this article, we introduce different ways to estimate shipping costs on Nihao Dropshipping.

To estimate the shipping cost of a specific product, there are two ways available.

Method one:

On the product page, select the product variations and edit quantities, you will see the estimated price for shipping to the US-based on the shipping method Nihao recommends for you.

shipping cost on the product page

Click the shipping method option to change the destination and different shipping methods. You can also see the estimated delivery time and shipping cost of different available shipping options.

shipping method on product page
all available shipping methods of the product

Method two:

In Nihao Dropshipping admin, go to My NiHao>Imported List, find the product and click the “Shipping Cost” button.

estimate shipping cost for a single product
estimate shipping cost for a single product

The estimated shipping time and cost are also listed for you. You can change the destination and quantities here.

To estimate the shipping cost by our shipping calculator, go to, and click the “Freight Calculation” button. You can also find the button on the top of the Nihao Dropshipping dashboard page. It will lead you to the shipping calculator page.

freight calculation page screenshot
freight calculation page screenshot

Fill out all mandatory fields( destination, product attribute, and product weight, then click the “calculate” button to get a shipping price estimate of products.

All available shipping options, corresponding shipping costs, and estimated delivery time will be displayed on the page.

Using this shipping cost calculator, we hope you better understand the differences in delivery times and shipping costs between various shipping options for different destinations, which may help you set up your shipping profile.

Note: Estimated shipping cost is for reference only. The actual shipping cost is subject to the price shown in the order.

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What may affect shipping costs?

Shipping costs depend on a variety of factors, including package size, shipment type, weight, location, etc. Here we list several factors that may affect shipping costs.

Package dimensions and weight

Most people know that package weight will affect shipping costs. But actually, the shipping carrier calculates the freight based on the greater of the package’s actual weight or its dimensional weight. So the package dimension is also a main determining factor. Simply put, the lighter the weight of the package, the lower the shipping price. The smaller the size, the lower the price.

Shipping distance

The distance from the departure place to the destination is also an important influencing factor. The further the package travels, the higher the cost of shipping. So when estimating shipping costs, remember to modify the destination country and region.

Transportation Method

Air and sea shipping are common modes of transportation, and the cost of international shipping can vary greatly between the two. In general, air freight shipping is faster, more reliable and more expensive than the ocean freight.

Different shipping carriers

Different shipping carriers such as USPS, DHL, FedEx, and UPS provide different charging standards. Reputable carriers offer insurance and tracking services to ensure the safety of your shipment, but the charges will be higher.

Delivery time

Customers expect fast shipping. As a rule of thumb, the shorter the delivery time, the higher the shipping price.

Final thoughts

Calculating shipping costs is not as simple as you might think because there are many changing variables in the process. If you have any questions on shipping cost calculation, feel free to contact us.

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