how to edit price in woocommerce

How to Edit/Update Price in WooCommerce

Some customers may forget to change the price when importing products from Nihao Dropshipping. It’s fine, because you can update the price in your WooCommerce store. This article will show you how to do that.

First of all, you need to know that there are two product types for WooCommerce stores, single product and variable product. A single product has a single price and SKU, while a variable product has more than one attribute (e.g. different colors or sizes of T-shirts). There are various solutions for different product types.

Edit single product price:

  • Go to: WooCommerce > Products, filter out single products
  • Find the product whose price needs to be changed and click Edit
edit single product price on WooCommerce
  • On the product edit page, find the Regular price and change it to the price you want.
set regular price
  • Click Update to change the price
update price on WooCommerce

An easier way to modify the price of a single product:

  • Find the product in WooCommerce > Products, click Quick Edit
quick edit
  • Find the Price and modify it, and finally click Update
modify price on wooCommerce

Batch edit the price of single products

  • Select multiple single products
  • Choose Edit in the Bulk action drop-down bar
  • Click Apply
batch edit price on WooCommerce
  • Find Price and select Increase existing price by (fixed amount or %) in the drop-down menu. (assuming you need to increase the price of the product)
increse existing price
  • Enter a fixed amount or % and click Update
click update

You will see that the updated price of these products had increased by 10 (we entered a fixed amount of 10 when we changed the price)

modified product prices on WooCommerce

Edit the price of a variable product

Modifying the price of a variant product is a bit more complicated than modifying the price of a single product.

  • Find the variant product in WooCommerce > Products, click Edit
edit variable product price

Click a single variant and modify the Regular price

Once all variant prices have been modified, click Save Changes

If you want to modify variant prices in bulk, here are the steps to do so.

  • Find the Variants section on the product edit page
  • Select the appropriate pricing from the drop-down menu on the right. You can update the product price by setting regular price, increasing or decreasing the regular price. (Here we choose setting regular price)
set regular price in bulk
  • Click Go, enter a value, and then click OK
enter a value

If the variants are not the same price, please choose to increase regular prices or decrease regular prices to update in bulk.

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WooCommerce offers several ways to change the price of a product, and we’ve described a few of them. In addition, you can also update product prices in bulk by importing product files or installing plugins.

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