how to create a great product page for your dropshipping store

How to Create a Great Product Page for Your Dropshipping Store?

Creating a product page for your dropshipping store sounds easier than done. After all, this is the spot where you turn your store visitors into customers! Therefore, you need to do the right amount of elements and optimization to convince your customers to make a purchase or two in your shop.  

Basically, there’s more to creating a dropshipping product page than just slapping some product images and descriptions on your page and deeming the job done. If you truly want to make an outstanding product page for your dropshipping store, here are some tips you should consider below. 

Ensure to Only Use High-Quality and Attractive Product Photos

high quality jewelry necklace image from Nihao Dropshipping
high quality jewelry necklace image from Nihao Dropshipping

The struggle with shopping online is a customer’s inability to see the products in person. Fortunately, this is where the addition of product photos on your page becomes helpful. And as a dropshipping business, you can ask your supplier to send you high-quality product photos to feature in your store. 

You can also try asking them if you can get photos of the product taken from different angles if possible. By doing this, you can make customers feel as if they’re actually inspecting the product physically. If you fail to add high-quality images that showcase your products well, your potential buyers won’t be convinced to buy from your store. 

In addition, make sure that the images you place on your page aren’t too large. In case you didn’t know, an abundance of large images on your page can cause your site to lag. And if your page takes forever to load, your potential customers will grow impatient and try to look for a store that loads faster.  

Create Concise but Attractive Product Descriptions 

You should also prioritize creating a fantastic product description for your dropshipping product page. The product description should explain the purpose and function of the item you’re selling in an informative but appealing way. However, there’s no need to use fancy-sounding terms to write it. 

Just describe and tell them what the product is all about, how it works, and how owning it can benefit buyers. And of course, make sure to keep it short and clear by structuring your description in short, readable paragraphs and bullet points. This guarantees that your description will have excellent readability. 

Furthermore, one mistake many dropshippers make is simply copy-pasting content found on other sites. After all, Google penalizes duplicate content on its search engines. So, make sure to write your own SEO-optimized product description if you want to rank well on search pages and reach your target customers. It may seem like extra work, but it’ll pay off in the end! 

Provide a Section for Product Ratings and Reviews  

product reviews

People still trust real-buyer experiences over well-structured descriptions and detailed product images. After all, customers want to know if your buyers had a positive experience from purchasing your product. And as you guessed, they also want to have the same positive experience. 

Although many customers check product descriptions, they are more likely to check a product’s ratings and reviews before making a decision. So, don’t forget to include this section when making your product page! 

Also, you can use some Shopify product review tools to import the right reviews to increase the trustworthiness of your products.

Allot a Section for Some Product Suggestions  

There’s a good chance that customers are also shopping for other items related to the product they’re currently viewing in your shop. If you sell a wide variety of related products in your store, you can allot a product suggestions section on your product site. 

For instance, if you’re selling a t-shirt, your product suggestions section can include skirts or pants that go well with it. Or perhaps, you can suggest some earrings or necklaces that can be mixed and matched to one of your bracelets. You should get the picture by now. 

Don’t Forget to Include Detailed Shipping Information 


Buyers absolutely love it when everything they need to know can be found on a single page. With that said, don’t forget to include your store’s shipping information details on your product pages. That way, your customers don’t have to direct themselves to your main landing page to know this vital info. 

For example, you can emphasize that orders above a particular spent amount guarantee free shipping. This might even compel them to spend a few more bucks in your shop to reach the free shipping benefit! 

Other Tips to Consider When Creating Your Dropshipping Product Page 

Aside from the tips recommended above, there are many more ways for you to create a dropshipping product page that’ll further entice customers to purchase from your store. And here are some of them: 

1. Try purchasing samples of the products you intend to sell in your store 

Customers love it when the product they see in stores looks exactly like the same thing when it gets to their doorstep. Although you may not be getting your hands on your supplies as a dropshipping business, purchasing a sample will help you determine if the product has excellent quality. 

Furthermore, owning a sample of your products also means you can create your own product photoshoots! Even though you can ask your supplier for photos, having access to them means you can picture them the way you want them to be displayed on your site. 

2. Consider including videos of your products 

Besides adding high-quality product photos to your dropshipping product page, you can also consider including videos of your products. Doing this is even more crucial if you sell trendy home gadgets in your online shop. And if you intend to follow the tip above, you can even showcase them in a way that’ll surely entice your potential buyers. 

So, other than showing a preview of the product through the video, you can even do a thorough product demo to show how the product works. If you do it right, it’ll surely give your customers more reasons to buy the item! 

The Bottom Line

Creating a great product page for your dropshipping store isn’t just about focusing on your site’s aesthetics. It also includes structuring your page in a clear and appealing matter by including what customers want to see on your page. 

And by following the suggestions stated above, you should be on your way to creating excellent dropshipping product pages for your store. It’s a lot of effort, but doing these will guarantee that you’re setting up your shop for success. Good luck! 

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