eCommerce email marketing strategies to skyrocket your sales

ECommerce Email Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Your Sales

Email marketing is an effective and invaluable tool to all eCommerce brands since it can help them to connect with their customers. Admittedly, it becomes costly and challenging to establish meaningful relationships with buyers without an email marketing strategy- the type of relationship you require to build a successful online store. However, research indicates that email marketing is approximately 40 times more effective in acquiring new buyers than other social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, despite the explosive social media growth. Although email marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing, it will still deliver the highest returns for your online store. This guide highlights the best eCommerce email marketing strategies to skyrocket your sales.

Content personalization for enhanced engagement

Research indicated that business people generate approximately 75 percent of email revenue from personalized marketing campaigns than one-size-fits-all tools. In reality, the personalization of your emails will enable you to nurture your existing client to learn more regarding your relevant products and services and keep them engaged. It can become easier to increase sales and convert your prospects since you better understand their needs. One ideal way to personalize your eCommerce email marketing campaign is by featuring subscriber-relevant content regarding your goods and services. For instance, it is advisable to include certain features of products left in abandoned carts. You can employ location-specific offers and images to make your email appear and feel relevant to the target clients. This strategy can enable your brand to increase sales since customers feel that you value their opinions, dislikes, and likes.

send email to worldwide
send email to worldwide

Create scannable email copies

Apart from ensuring that your marketing emails have quality designs and content, you must ensure that your email structure has adequate white space. The recipients of your email campaigns are busy people and might have subscribed to other newsletters from other firms. Therefore, you need to ensure that you include the appropriate visual appeal by maintaining short paragraphs and employing subheadings and bullet points. Combining such features with other elements such as a short subject line, is critical. If you want to send a long sales pitch or text, you can include a short introduction in your eCommerce email marketing and add a link to your site where your prospects can learn and read more.

Use Call to Action (CTA) buttons

CTA means you are inviting your visitors to undertake a certain action with the assistance of a button. You can see CTA buttons in most website popups and blog posts. However, employing the CTA in your eCommerce email campaign can help skyrocket your sales, and most online stores use them today. If you want to ensure that your CTA buttons stand out from other sites and drives instant sales, you can do the following:

  • Use compelling text: You can include words such as “Get Yours,” “Grab,” and “Now” to create attention.
  • Proper use of colors: Ensure you properly use contrast colors so that your target audience can see the CTA button.
  • When necessary, employ several CTAs: If you are forced to draft long email copies to your customers, your CTA might be unnoticed. However, by creating several CTA buttons, you can avoid such issues. However, ensure you avoid spamming your subscribers/customers to drive more sales.
subscribe button
subscribe button

Create a welcome email series

When a client subscribes to your email marketing campaign, it is critical to make a good first impression to help in converting them into loyal customers. You can achieve that by creating more than one single welcome email. The welcome email series allows you to set your customer expectations, introduce your eCommerce brand, and demonstrate how your business varies from that of the competitors. That can assist you to repeatedly put your eCommerce brand in front of them, establish several positive contacts with your new subscribers, and establish trust.

Practice Ecommerce email segmentation

This marketing strategy encompasses dividing your subscribers into groups based on defined qualities. That will offer you the chance to offer advanced personalization using email messages customized to every group. Consequently, that will boost your email engagement rates and your sales revenue. When more people read your email, you also increase your conversion rates. However, if you want to have an effective eCommerce email segmentation, you should not solely focus on location, marital status, or age. It is also recommended to focus your segmentation on psychographics, such as your target audience’s interests, behaviors, and lifestyle.

Build your contact using referrals

You can request your email list recipients to refer your products or brand to their family members and friends. Understandably, the customers who will refer your services to others already know your capability and can readily recommend you, resulting in increased sales, shares, and engagement. The ideal way to achieve this is by inserting referral links in your marketing emails and award-successful referrals with loyalty points, discounts, and other benefits. The new customers who signup to your site through referrals links can assist in expanding your contact list that you can employ to sell more products or send future promotions.

Reward loyal customers

You will always strive to acquire new customers when you have an eCommerce site. However, all successful owners of eCommerce stores know that it can be challenging to thrive when they do not have repeat clients. Research indicates that returning clients spend more than 65 percent than a newly acquired clients. Therefore, such customers would expect that you treat them differently. To achieve that, you can establish a full-fledged customers reward program. You can also inspire loyalty through email marketing by sending discounts to the products they love, providing exclusive previews of new products, and celebrating their special events (including wedding ceremonies and birthdates).

Track your results

Track your email marketing results
Track your email marketing results

You should constantly track several aspects of email marketing strategy if you want to get the best return on investment on your money, effort, and time. The most critical metrics you can track include unsubscribed rate, conversion rate, click-through rate, and open rate. If you do not track, you cannot know the part of your email campaign that you should optimize, making you achieve a low ROI. In other words, you cannot improve your business if you do not know your current position.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is one of the useful marketing tools for your eCommerce site if you employ it properly. Through the appropriate eCommerce email marketing, you can increase your revenue and sales. To make your campaign successful, you can create scannable email copies, content personalization for enhanced engagement, use Call to Action (CTA) buttons, create a welcome email series, practice Ecommerce email segmentation, and reward loyal customers.

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