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4 Proven eBay Dropshipping Tools That Will Be Explosive In 2022

The future of drop shipping lies in the hands of generative tools that evolve daily. Running an efficient eBay dropshipping business in 2022 requires productive tools addressing actual issues sellers face across the platform. Product presentation is enhanced by the indispensable tools that provide more professionally appealing listings than manual inputs. These eBay dropshipping tools include product research tools, competitor research tools, management and repricing tools, and auto ordering tools. Diligent application of the tools is bound to set you up for success on the auction site.

1.   Product Research Tools

PR tools are the seller guides to match competition against millions and millions of merchant listings. These tools are one of the best eBay dropshipping tools for resellers. They quickly help locate an item that visitors are looking for while describing their product category (i.e., books, clothes and accessories, etcetera). Advanced research tools today include identifying shipping costs of items, suggesting long tail and more assertive SEO keywords, monitoring competition from other online merchants, price comparison, and profit estimation. These tools include:


Terapeak - eBay dropshipping tool

The tool was initially introduced as an exclusive product on eBay’s Seller Hub in 2018 and has proven its extreme resourcefulness over time. Its primary application involves keying in a product title and getting data reflecting average item pricing, number of merchants, amounts sold, sales in dollars, and shipping rates. Its filter mode further narrows research to specific categories, item conditions, listing, and a low stocks filter. The listing in Terapeak analyses items by providing clues on keyword ideas for a seller, types of images their competitors are using, and what project descriptions and SEO content words the best-sellers are using. Graphs and charts are provided in the tool to track the item’s performance in previous years. It is accessible through the “Research” application on Seller Hub, and it ranges from free, essential, Premium, and Enterprise subscribers. As of 1st January 2022, the annual subscription for store sellers is 12 dollars per month or a 19 dollar fee without commitment. Terapeak is the tool for the future since it offers variety under a cheaper option considering the profit margins one will gain from the sales.

Google trends

With the future of SEO in 2022 lying in the hands of AI-generated content, google trends is a viable option though it is not exclusive for eBay products. However, it is resourceful in tracking what products are most searched for universally. For instance, one can get feedback on what items and products are trending and on-demand on a particular period, such as different varieties of roses on valentines day. A seller can evaluate the performance of their keywords across other countries or narrow it to specific regions. It allows for downloading your work through CSV format files usable on Microsoft Excel and table-building programs, thus improving seller marketability.

2.   Competitor research tools

Fore eBay dropshippers, competitor research tools are must-haves. They provide sellers with their competitor’s strategy pattern showing what sells best on the auction site alongside updating them on market trends. ZIK Analytics eBay competitor research tools have the highest explosive potential for 2022. It finds competitors winning products by filtering sellers with above five regular sales in the last 30 days and above ten sales for traffic product sales. It further ranks products according to several competitors, thus providing insight into the market and a leverage point. Starters are, however, advised to go for items whose competitors are below 5. ZIK provides analyses to sellers that recommend them on ways to outrank their competition and have their items appear on eBays top search pages. Do this by using keyword terms for eBay items, sale metrics, and the collected data to develop eye-catching titles to rank higher on the site.

zik analytics ebay competitor research tool

3.   Management and Repricer listing tool

As a useful eBay dropshipping tool, repricer tools evaluate sellers’ offers on a particular listed product and develop a reprice strategy or change pricing depending on the previously set rules and conditions by a seller. SKU Grid is a popular choice among sellers in online marketplaces. It revises and updates prices in half an hour, from which sellers decide what to update and stock. It is the most advanced tool for dropshipping and is set to get better in 2022 with its increase in suppliers and retailers.

repricer tools for ebay dropshipping

The DSM tool is another basic listing and repricer tool that will make dropshipping more accessible in 2022. Its features include:

  • sourcing
  • listing and repricing products on eBay
  • managing activity listing
  • SEO listing
  • auto restocking
  • management of duplicate lists

Its distinct advantages over SkuGrid involve an international languages support group on Facebook and a free plan for 25 listed items. The tool, however, has significant cons, such as having zero phone support, and thus one should be wary about it.

4.   Auto ordering tool

Automated processes in 2022 are key to online business success. In dropshipping, automated ordering tools are essential due to their effectiveness and cost reduction. Errors made manually are avoided; thus, losses are kept at a minimum. Optimal goods replenishment is achieved upon price listing changes, thus ranking the seller’s items on the top searches. AutoDS is among the top-rated tools you need for your dropshipping business in 2022. Positive feedback is achieved through a somewhat cold pitching approach. The system automatically sends a message to the client upon ordering, a second message to give the items tracking number and a final one asking the clientele for their feedback. The service is exemplary such that by the end of 2021, AutoDS had achieved an above-average rate of positive feedback. Further features include:

  • Monitoring repricing lists and updating them hourly.
  • automatic ordering of the system to the supplier upon customer interest
  • Premium services scanning over 40,000 drop shippers activity on eBay to display their best products
  • Graphs for better analysis
  • Delisting of items that do not sell
AutoDS dropshipping tool for ebay

At eBay, their pricing ranges from 8 dollars a month for starters to 152 dollars a month for the professional drop shipping plan. Everyone’s needs and pocket-ability are guaranteed on the platform, ranking it among the best.

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Drop-shipping with eBay requires marketing tools to propel businesses to higher heights. The four discussed tools are the ultimate guide to success on the eBays seller Hub. Application of these tools ranks your company among the top search pages, thus guaranteeing large profit margins in your drop-shipping business.

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