must have dropshipping extensions in 2022

Top 9 Must-Have Dropshipping Extensions In 2022

With eCommerce websites on the rise, everyone is up and about to find the best extensions to run on their dropshipping sites. To make things pretty straightforward, we’ve reviewed the top 9 must-have dropshipping chrome extensions in 2022. Read on to learn more!

#1. The Camelizer

Do you need the best chrome extension that enables you to check out historical pricing information of your competitor’s dropshipping site? Look no further other than the Camelizer chrome extension. And now you can get this extension with just a simple click. After installing the extension, you can see the historical pricing data or, even better, come up with watches and be notified through an email after the price goes down by only tapping at the camel icon on the address bar. The extension offers full support for Amazon Australia, Europe, Canada, and United States.

#2. Image Search Assistant

This chrome assistant enables you to search for some images on search engines. Why you need this dropshipping extension? You can easily search all you need because it links Yandex, Google, Bing, Baidu, and many more. It saves your time since you can search for any image without switching the search engines. This also helps to improve efficiency. Moreover, it allows you to compare several items; if you find a winning product but you are not sure about the supplier, this is where you will get all the help.

#3. Shopify Spy

A must-have dropshipping extension for most Shopify store owners! This tool usually scrapes items from Shopify-powered businesses while recording and saving them on the Excel file. Web scraper is an important tool in marketing that is very helpful, especially to e-commerce businesses, as they try to come up with new customers and increase their sales. The only thing that store owners need is to enter the URL of a website before retrieving data. From here, Shopify Spy performs the task of gathering all the items from the entered site. It will then export this to the excel file for any additional analysis by the e-commerce marketers. Therefore, if you look forward to leveling up your sales, you can always opt for this tool.

Shopify Spy
Shopify Spy

#4. Bitly

Bitly makes it convenient for you to come up with customized, short, and very effective links from any page and share them with other people. Just because you treasure your connections, they should as well be stronger. Therefore, you can attract more clients to access your products by simply creating some brief but recognizable links. Bitly has a link management platform for better customization. Bitly links can be too general; therefore, you can make them more unique. You can also upgrade your account and shorten your domain to increase the number of clicks. It is not only a dropshipping extension, but all shop owners will need it.

#5. Social Blade

Suppose you’re usually on video marketing as your all-time traffic generator, then Social Blade is a chrome extension that will make your work easier. The extension also is responsible for adding a box to the right of the video that displays all the essential information regarding the channel. Marketing is made flawless with this helpful and simple extension. It is simple to navigate the app, and since it is an extension, doing the installation even is easier. What’s more, it doesn’t cost you anything to get this extension into your computer. This dropshipping extension is suitable for you when you are looking for Youtube influencers.

#6. Amzpecty

Using Amzpecty Chrome extension allows you to observe and follow up with changes, pricing, inventory, quantity, stock of the amazon competitor. Some key features that this extension boasts includes;

-Enables you to find out sales ranking, price, seller quantity, etc.

-You can view Amazon item variants

-Calculate the profit of Amazon

-Captures occasional product data snapshots

-And notes to seller central products

If you want a reliable dropshipping extension that will help you in your day-to-day amazon marketing, then think of this phenomenal choice by Amzpecty. What’s more, it is easy to install and manage.

#7. Grammarly

Most people are well familiarised with Grammarly because it is one of most users’ most popular browser plugins. This is important mostly when creating an ad copy or coming up with a description of your product since you would never want to send away your clients just because of some grammatical errors. Therefore, it works by correcting any mistakes in your text to keep grammar and spelling at the best level. With this, you can convey your message clearly and make your customers understand you better.

Moreover, it gives you real-time feedback on Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, Google Docs, and many more. Not only does it remove any writing mistakes, but it also keeps your message clear and concise. You can register your account if you need weekly customized analysis to identify those areas that need some improvements and track your progress.

#8. Pexgle -Hunt Winning Products Toolkit

Are you looking for an extension to perform ads research? Look no further than Pexgle. It enables you to see what is trending in the market and what your competitors have. Also, get to know the entity that is getting the leading traffic. Ideally, with such an app, you can spy on any of your greatest and reputable competitors to note the one that commands the market. Did you know that you can make millions in just a night using this kind of extension? If you plan to make the appropriate, you’d need to have this extension in your Chrome browser.

#9. AliTrendz

If you are using AliExpress, you can easily know more about those winning goods by using this dropshipping tool. It is useful in finding those useful goods in AliExpress since it highlights them in real-time. This trend score is very important in determining goods currently trending in the market. Therefore, makes you aware of whether the product is popular or not before you can make your decisions.


To end this, dropshipping is among those profitable online businesses, and e-commerce marketing needs the appropriate tools to help you emerge successfully. If you need better ranking and more traffic in your search results, use the above chrome extension for your dropshipping today!

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