cj dropshipping vs nihao dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping vs. Nihao Dropshipping

Considering how dependent people are on the internet today, it’s likely that everyone has come across the term “Drop Shipping.” For its portability and ease, dropshipping makes it simple for anybody to shop online or launch an eCommerce business. In addition, it has long been among the trendiest topic in the online purchasing industry. For today, we will discuss CJ Dropshipping and Nihao Dropshipping, two of the best Dropshipping Service providers for 2022.

What Exactly is Dropshipping

Dropshipping explained
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If you were wondering, dropshipping is a method of retail completion that allows anyone to sell or purchase products without needing to maintain, store, or transport inventories. Simply put, you obtain things from dropshipping providers and put them up for sale. Visitors will usually assess out on your website, you transmit the order details to the vendor, and thus the vendor performs the transaction.

In contrast to typical online commerce, dropshipping absolves its merchant of the need to carry out transactions. This eliminates the effort and money associated with making things or obtaining inventory, holding stock, and transporting products to people. It can help cut early overheads and expenditures, which is vital for businesspeople starting an eCommerce business, particularly those working on a limited budget.

About the Current Leading Dropshipping Service

1. CJ Dropshipping

cjdropshipping website
cjdropshipping website

In the past few years, CJ Dropshipping has expanded rapidly to become the primary Chinese dropship provider. It is a wholesale company founded in 2014 that offers different exporting operations to eCommerce sellers, covering material procurement, order fulfillment, shipping services, brand building, and bespoke packaging. CJ Dropshipping allows customers to place drop shipping merchandise at lower pricing without acquiring a large quantity of their inventory in advance.

Moreover, purchasing CJ items in bulk and storing them in its facilities yields even greater profit margins. Additionally, this site is entirely designed for dropshippers. The customer-focused professionals at CJDropshipping strive to provide people with the most current product fads and eCommerce preferences.

2. Nihao Dropshipping

nihaodropshipping website
nihaodropshipping website

Nihao Dropshipping is a branch of Nihao Group’s company division. It opened an online marketplace to offer fashion jewelry which is quite successful with shops and online merchants globally. Nihao Dropshipping is actively trying to continue providing consumers with a more effective exporting service, taking into account increased consumer expectations and commercialization requirements.

The Nihao Dropshipping application combines product procurement, existing service connectivity, order fulfillment, shipment, and various other tasks to offer clients a comprehensive dropshipping package. Nihao Dropshipping will also create software editions in Spanish as well as other dialects aside from English and will try to deliver elevated dropshipping services and goods internationally.

Comparison: CJ Dropshipping vs. Nihao Dropshipping


CJ is a proven dropshipping tool with many integrations:

  • Shopify
  • Tiktok
  • eBay
  • WooCommerce
  • WED2C
  • ShipStation
  • Etsy
  • Shoplazza
  • and more

While Nihao Dropshipping is a new dropshipping tool with two integrations:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
shopify woocommerce integration
shopify woocommerce integration

However, if you sell dropshipping products on eBay, Tiktok or other platforms, Nihao can also fulfill orders for you. All you need is to upload your orders to Nihao Dropshipping.


Overall, the price difference between CJ’s and Nihao’s products is not much, with some of them selling for less on Nihao.


CJ features automatic dropshipping, print-on-demand, warehousing, customized packaging and more. And Nihao also has these features. Nihao has more advantages because currently Nihao’s product sourcing service and warehousing service are free.


Since you now have a thorough grasp of CJ Dropshipping, it is essential to become familiar with its operations. Potential members of the dropshipping business must enter the CJ Dropshipping portal and select the Register option in the right upper sidebar. Next, you can set up an account by following its easy-to-follow directions. CJ Dropshipping does not charge subscription fees, and accessibility to the automated applications and services is also complimentary. You will not be obliged to file anything, to begin with.

Comparatively, Nihao Dropshipping Supplier does not demand fees or burdensome restrictions aside from optional subscriptions. They feel prospective members should concentrate on their corporate strategy, including how they will operate the business and their long-term goals. They guarantee to make it simple for users to launch a business. Nihao Dropshipping is committed to providing consumers with an enhanced and enhanced quality control system, as per their claims. Nihao also has Auto Fulfill Orders and bulk select orders. You may also pre-order warehouse items for inventory.

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Efficiency and Convenience

CJ Dropshipping connects easily with numerous e-commerce systems, including eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and WooCommerce. And when you are linked to your preferred selling platform, you will be able to reference goods and assess inventory levels and operational objectives from a centralized dashboard. In order to avoid overeating, CJ Dropshipping could then synchronize stock and pricing in real-time. They facilitate connecting the CJ Dropshipping membership and your digital commerce channel.

Nihao Dropshipping, on the other hand, offers over 500,000 famous products in a variety of genres to buyers worldwide. And the amount continues to increase daily. They strive to provide excellent order delivery and dropshipping solutions, like specialized one-on-one customer support, personal inventory, free service sourcing, printing on request, and more. They provide over one hundred thousand award-winning products at reasonable prices for someone like you to market. You can also obtain a more cost-effective supplier for your current products using relevant images or by submitting an infinite number of free item procurement requests. Any mobile device is compatible with Nihao Dropshipping. You may import and manage orders anytime and anywhere.


The most significant benefits of CJ Dropshipping are delivery speed and uniformity. With US-based facilities, you may ship goods to people within one to three days (for different products and addresses). CJ Dropshipping further automates the entire procurement procedure, so you just interact with and assume responsibility and receive assistance from a specialized agent as well as around-the-clock support.

It is known that numerous products are in need of Nihao Dropshipping, it only needs a few clicks for buyers to place an order. Depending on the area of the customers, the customer order period is between two and four working days. In summary, your transaction’s longest processing and production period will be applied to your request and they tell you immediately for a heads up. Tracking orders are also possible for easy access of your shipping in a centralized platform.

What’s more, Nihao Dropshipping also allows customers to operate through Nihao mobile website, making it even easier to add products and fulfill orders.


CJ Dropshipping Supplier has moved up in the world rankings, moving from 30,620 all the way up to 29,163 in just the previous month. Direct is the most popular source of visitors to cjdropshipping.com, accounting for 78.44 percent of total visits, trailed by google (7.72 percent ). Following their time spent on cjdropshipping.com, customers typically navigate to myshopify.com and cjpacket.com.

In stark comparison to the CJ Dropshipping software, Nihao jewelry is among the most successful dropshipping distributors in China and the world at large. The company has taken great satisfaction in being dependable, swift, and effective in linking its customers to the many items that are offered, and they have a wide choice of items from which customers get to choose.


Finding the greatest service provider that can supply exactly what you need is essential for you to do if you plan on being a dropshipper in the future. It is up to you to decide which of the two dropshipping companies, CJ Dropshipping and Nihao Dropshipping, can turn your business strategy into a reality given that they are both successful in their respective industries. You must also take into consideration a variety of factors, such as your target clients, your niche, and any other tactics that you may require along the way, and then consult this information with the Dropshipping company that you have chosen.

Both CJ and Nihao Dropshipping Supplier exhibit popular appeal, dependability, practicality, and convenience, respectively. You can go with CJ Dropshipping as your marketing platform of choice if, in the end, you want to do business with a well-known corporation. Nihao Dropshipping, on the other hand, can be the solution for you if you are looking to sell in a community that is young and forward-thinking. The remaining steps are up to you.

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