best free shopify apps to brand your store

With hundreds of thousands of apps found in the Shopify app store, you’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to the functionality of your eCommerce retail. Whether you need to improve email marketing, add customer reviews, get in-depth analytics, publish your products to Facebook, there is undoubtedly an app for that.

However, we thought it was a good idea to highlight 6 of the best free Shopify apps to brand your store with many options to choose from. If you’re starting with your new store, this list will suitably match your needs.

#1. Oberlo

Do you need a better business idea or maybe a product to sell? Oberlo is a dropshipping app that helps you to source a good supplier. Oberlo is an excellent aid for finding a marketplace for products you can import directly into your Shopify store. After receiving an order, you can fulfill this through your dropshipping supplier via Oberlo. It will then ship the product to your customers. You do not need to bother yourself about packaging or shipping since it does all these tasks.

oberlo dropshipping

#2. Nihao Dropshipping

Since there are too many people who have tried Oberlo, you may be having trouble finding winning products. Nihao dropshipping is a good alternative, especially for fashion dropshippers. They have over 50,000 products and have an edge in fashion jewelry, accessories and women’s dropshipping.

Nihao Dropshipping is a completely free Shopify app with no setup fee, no warehousing fee. Dropshippers only need to pay for products and shipping.

Nihao Dropshipping App
Nihao Dropshipping App

#3. Offset

You can use Offset each time you want to neutralize those emissions from your shipped orders that cause climate change. This Shopify app calculates the total emissions caused by the demands. The value then becomes your Offset cost. The cost is very because some cents are usually charged per order, and the payment helps in the forest protection programs. With Offset, you can check on all the environmental impacts, such as the trees you have protected. This data is shared among the customers.

free shopify app - Offset

#4. Shopify Email

Shopify Email offers you a more convenient way of promoting your business through email. This marketing app allows you to develop an email list and manage your campaigns very well. You can easily send any branded emails from the Shopify admin dashboard to subscribers with only a few clicks. Additionally, this app has different pre-made templates with your product images, logo, description, and many more from your store. Also, it allows customization of buttons and text with some minutes. You can do all this by simply importing your contact lists into Shopify. From here, you can create and send your campaigns. It is easier to track the opens, clicks, purchases, charts, and many other results. You will get 2500 emails for free, and from there, you will pay $1 for every 1000 emails.

Shopify Email

#5. ReConvert Upsell & Cross-Sell

You can increase your cart size and average order value through upselling and cross-selling to your clients. Using Reconvert, you can quickly develop a thank you page to turn new customers into frequent clients. This allows you to customize the landing page with a drag-and-drop builder and easily access features such as countdown timers, post-purchase surveys, and reorder buttons. Here, you can automatically re-engage your customers who made purchases from your store

ReConvert App for shopify

#6. BetterReplay

Are you worried why shoppers who visit your site don’t convert into sales? With the BetterReplay app, you’ll get live recordings of the buyer’s sessions to see the interaction of people with your store and the items they look at. With this kind of info, you may find out where buyers got stuck and find better choices for improving the conversations and reducing abandoned carts in your Shopify store.

#7. Advoz

Advoz is a helpful free Shopify app for site owners who want a supporting hand handling their social media marketing. After installing the Advoz app, you can have access to certified advertising professionals who can come up with customized ads for Google, Facebook, and Instagram and set you up with a very high audience level to drive customers who can turn to sales in your store.


Shopify Apps has a great possibility of opening new features that will enable your website to be optimized for a beautiful customer experience and promote sales. Though the apps we’ve offered you above are the best free Shopify apps, there are even other apps that we have pointed out. However, the choices we have offered you will meet your pricing and overall needs. We hope the apps we have reviewed will go a long way in making your marketing plans successful.

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