how to find a reliable aliexpress dropshipping supplier

How to Find a Reliable Aliexpress Dropshipping Supplier

If you’re looking for a reliable Aliexpress dropshipping supplier, it’s essential to do your research. Not all Aliexpress suppliers are created equal, and some may be more reliable than others. Here are some good tips for looking for a reliable Aliexpress dropshipping supplier:

Read reviews

Reading online reviews helps you get an idea of what other people think of a supplier’s quality of products and customer service. This can help determine whether or not a supplier is reliable.

aliexpress dropshipping product reviews page
aliexpress customer reviews page

Check the supplier’s ratings

Aliexpress suppliers are given a rating from one to five stars. Checking a supplier’s rating can help you determine how reliable they are. It will assist you to make the correct decision when selecting the supplier you are willing to deal with for your Aliexpress dropshipping business.

Dropshipping Seller ratings on Aliexpress
Seller ratings on Aliexpress

Look for suppliers with a good reputation

Some Aliexpress dropshipping suppliers have a better reputation than others. Suppliers with a great reputation are likely to be more reliable than those with a poor reputation.

Compare prices

Not all reliable Aliexpress dropshipping suppliers will offer the same prices for their products. Comparing prices can help you find a supplier that offers good quality products at a reasonable price.

Occasionally, significantly decreased pricing is a technique for a new supplier wanting to make a splash in the market and get their name out there.

Unfortunately, most situations fall into one of these two categories: a complete fraud or a significant decline in product quality. As a result, it’s critical to shop around.

If most suppliers provide the same product in a similar price range, but one offers it at a considerably lower rate, there’s a good chance that the goods aren’t genuine.

Ask for recommendations

If you know someone who has made use of an Aliexpress dropshipping supplier before, ask for their recommendation. They may be able to give you advice into which suppliers are reliable and which ones to avoid.

Go to the Manufacturer

This is especially encouraged if you want to sell branded items on your Shopify store and can fulfill the manufacturer’s minimal purchase requirements.

If your purchase is too tiny for their needs or if they are contractually obligated to sell only through specifically authorized distributors, request a list of their approved distributors that you may contact for their genuine goods.

By going straight to the source, you’ll get the lowest price for the product you’re looking for. The fewer people you have to deal with, the less you will have to pay. As a result, your pricing may be more competitive due to this.)

You’ll obtain a list of the most trustworthy, verifiable dropshipping suppliers, at the very least.

Verify if the Products are Authentic

The problem of phony items plagues both Alibaba and AliExpress, and identifying them may be pretty tricky.

Another approach to verifying product authenticity is examining what other items the supplier sells.

You can accomplish this by going to the left sidebar and selecting “Seller’s Categories.” A supplier who has one sort or brand of items on sale is more genuine than one who sells nearly everything.

You may also examine warranties in the “Seller Guarantees” section of a product’s page. When purchasing a branded item, keep an eye out for a “Guaranteed Genuine” tag; this ensures that you get a full refund (including the shipping costs) if the goods are fraudulent.

You can also go to the company’s website or Instagram page and order a single sample product to learn quality and legitimacy for yourself in person. If the supplier is hesitant or unable to fulfill this request, it’s probably best to avoid doing business with them.

Use a third-party verification service

If you’re still unsure whether a supplier is reliable, you can use a third-party verification service. These services will inspect the supplier and verify their legitimacy.

Check the Shipping Time

When choosing a supplier, make sure to check their shipping times. The delivery time is generally displayed on the product page.

Aliexress shipping method on product page
Aliexress shipping method on product page

You should also be aware of the processing time, which is when it takes for the supplier to package and ship your order. This data can usually be found in the “Shipping and handling” section of the product page.

For example, if a product has a shipping time of 3-5 days and a processing time of 2 days, the total delivery time would be 5-7 days.

Make sure that the shipping times are realistic and comfortable with them before choosing a supplier.

Check the Return Policy

Before choosing a supplier, make sure to check their return policy. This will let you can expect if you need to return an item.

Most suppliers will have a return policy similar to AliExpress’s return policy, but it’s always best to double-check.

To view a supplier’s return policy, go to the product page and click on “Return Policy” in the “Seller Guarantees” section.

return guarantee on Aliexpress
return guarantee on Aliexpress

Look at the Supplier’s Guarantees

When choosing a supplier, it’s essential to look at their guarantees.

The “Seller Guarantees” section of a product page usually contains information about the supplier’s return policy, shipping times, and product authenticity.

money back guarantee of an Aliexpress dropshipping supplier
money back guarantee of an Aliexpress dropshipping supplier

If a supplier doesn’t offer any guarantees, it’s best to avoid doing business with them.

Message the Supplier

If you’re still unsure about a supplier, you can message them to ask for more information.

To message a supplier, go to the product page and click on “Message the seller.”

You can ask the supplier any questions about their products, shipping times, return policy, or anything else.

This is a great way to know a supplier and see if they’re worth doing business with. By messaging them, you will also check how long they take to give feedback.

Compare Suppliers

It’s always a good idea to compare suppliers before choosing one. Go to the “Seller’s Categories” page and select two or more suppliers to compare suppliers. After selecting a supplier, you can view their ratings, feedback, and several orders.

This is a great way to see which supplier is the most popular and which one has the best ratings. You can also read the feedback to see what other buyers have said about the supplier.


Dropshipping with Aliexpress is a lucrative method to earn money. If you want to venture into this type of business, ensure you are keen to find a reliable supplier for your business. Suppliers can be found from the platform and through other online marketplaces. When comparing, always be keen to check the feedback and ratings before settling for one. Finally, always ensure you adhere to the returns policy in case you need to return an item.

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