6 best dropshipping suppliers for pet supplies

As every year passes, the number of pet owners grows. Whether you are a new pet supply store owner or have had a store for years, you might notice that your sales increase annually. Because of this, you might want to have more options when selling and delivering your supplies.

If you have not tried it yet, pet supply dropshipping can be added to the list of your business strategies. There are suppliers for every country, and their industry has minimal competition. Because of this, you would not only be able to get more supplies and new delivery methods. You can also negotiate to get rates that are favorable for you.

In this article, you can learn more about dropshipping for pets. You can also find a list of the most recommended dropshipping suppliers for pet supplies.

Advantages of Having a Dropshipping Supplier

Whether you own a physical or online store, you might be wary of dropshipping. Since you will not have the supplies handed to you directly, you might keep away from it. However, dropshipping can help your pet supply business more. Here are the different advantages when you choose to dropship pet supplies, from convenience to variety.

– You get minimal inventory risk.

While you would not need to worry about expiration dates on pet toys, you would have to keep them in mind for other pet supplies. If you sell pet treats and food, you have to sell them out before they reach their expiration date. You can let go of this worry when you choose to dropship since the products will not be in your physical inventory.

– You receive more variety for your pet products.

Even though there are many brands and products for pets, your store might just be offering the same ones again and again. You might have your bestsellers, but you might also be thinking of expanding your selection. If you do, you can easily do that with dropshipping. Dropshipping suppliers usually have more choices than most, so you can get more variety for your store’s pet brands and products.

– Dropshipping can be a convenient option.

With dropshipping, they will be the ones to send out your orders. Because of this, you can save time and effort in delivery. Depending on your supplier’s size, they might offer more delivery methods. Because of this, it can provide additional convenience for your store.

List of Best Dropshipping Suppliers

If you want to look for suppliers for your pet supplies, these are the best suppliers that provide a dropshipping option.

1. Pet Stores USA

Pet Stores USA homepage

Whether you own a physical or online store, Pet Stores USA will be able to accommodate your shop. They are an established brand with more than 40 years of experience, so they are experts in their field. Since they are a large company, they also ensure that your customers receive their products promptly.

They have pet products for birds, cats, dogs, fishes, and other small animals. From flea and tick shampoos to GPS tracking, they offer a vast selection of quality products. They even provide pet products that are not available in other dropshipping suppliers.

2. Nihao Dropshipping

Pet supplies on Nihao Dropshipping

There are more than 5,000 dropship pet supplies available on nihaodropshipping.com. As one of the great Chinese dropshipping suppliers for pet supplies, they offer dog clothes, cat toys, pet collars and other items to sell online. With a wide range of products and cute looks, it is sure to attract many pet lovers!

Working with Nihao is quite simple. They integrate with Shopify. So if you are a Shopify store owner, you can simply import items to your store with a few clicks. Nihao ships worldwide and there is no setup fee or monthly fee!

3. Central Pet Distribution

Central Pet Distribution homepage

When it comes to dropshipping suppliers in the United States, Central Pet Distribution is one of the most famous suppliers. This is because they offer one of the largest selections for pets. They have offerings for many pets, whether your customer owns a reptile or a dog. They even sell products for ranch pets.

With Central Pet Distribution, you can get both perishable and non-perishable pet products. From cages and toys to foods and treats, you can sell many items when you become one of their partners. They also carry different brands so your shop can get a lot of variety.

4. K9 Bytes

dropship pet supplies on K9 Bytes

Most of the time, pet owners love to spoil their furry friends with gifts. When spoiling pets, individuals usually go for quality and handmade pet supplies. With K9 Bytes, they will offer you handcrafted pet supplies that you can sell in your shop.

They offer quality pet treats that come in different flavors, from peanut butter to banana oatmeal. Their treats also come in different sizes for your customer’s convenience. While their primary offering lies in their delicious pet treats, they also offer other pet supplies like collars, blankets, and leashes.

5. TopDawg

TopDawg pet supply dropshipping

From skincare to dog clothes, TopDawg offers more than 3,500 products for you to choose from. While they also sell other products in their store, they have a comprehensive collection of their pet supplies. Most of their offerings are also very competitive and have some of the lowest prices.

From a collapsible dog crate to dog jerkies, you can find different items with TopDawg. Since they sell both perishable and non-perishable products, your shop can offer more if you get them as a supplier.

6. Essential Pet Products

Essential Pet Products dropship

If you are looking to sell different pet furniture, toys, and other similar products, you can buy from Essential Pet Products. While you would need to be an eligible resident from the United States or Canada, you can get a lot of options with their shop.

One of the advantages of this supplier is that they provide supplies not just for cats and dogs. From birds to rabbits, they have different cages, furniture, seats, houses, and crates. They offer various product lines so that you can sell more in your shop.

Choosing To Dropship

If you want to get more sales and more selections, you can never go wrong with allowing a dropship option for your shop. They can bring you different benefits and help reduce your operational costs. Their service can also be advantageous if you deliver to relatively far-flung areas.

Despite their convenience, you must choose a trusted and reliable dropshipping supplier. Since they will be the ones to deliver the items, they should be able to do it on time. Otherwise, it can affect your shop’s reputation. If you have no idea which ones are reliable, you can start by considering the options on this list.

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