best ways to drive traffic to your website for beginners

12 Best Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website for Beginners

An E-Commerce Website is a website where you can buy and sell products and services. It has a lot of benefits. e- Commerce Websites are the future and they are one of the best ways to make money online. Your eCommerce Website can only be successful if you know how to market it online. Make sure that you have everything set up and ready before launching your website to ensure that people will come back again and again. You need fresh new content, great pictures, and exciting prices!

12 best ways to drive traffic to your website for beginners:

1. Give your eCommerce Website a good title

The first thing that people will see is your title and it is the most important part. It must be attractive and catchy so people will be enticed to click on the link. A good title gets your visitors to click. And that is what you want. Make it count, but keep it short and easy to understand.

2. Create a list of products and services

A great title will not make your e-Commerce website successful if your product list is not good enough. You need to have a good product list for what you’re promoting. Having a varied number of products can help you boost traffic and sales as well, when people can find their needs easily. And the best way to do that is to create lists of products below each product’s title in a unique table structure so people will see all the products in one glance. (make sure the links are on top)

clear product list on famousinreal life store
clear product list on famousinreal life store

3. Set up featured items

Featured items are products that have a special feature or are being promoted in an exceptional way. These can be products with a discount, special offer or any other type of promotion. Featured items will generate more traffic as people would not only be interested in the title but also in the featured item so it is better to set two titles for one product and two levels of promotions for your website.

4. Add keywords to your website name, description and content

The keywords you put in the title need to be well chosen because they will show up when people search your website on Google or Yahoo so it is important that you know what you’re promoting and write about it correctly. Your eCommerce website name and description need to be more informative than just having a catchy and memorable title. Use your keywords wisely in the content of your website, this will help you gain traffic and that’s what you want.

5. Promote your eCommerce Website everywhere

Promote your website on different Social Media sites as these will help you get a lot of traffic and a lot of people who are interested in what you’re promoting. You can also try advertising on different websites, newspapers, magazines, or any other place where it is legal to advertise for free such as forums or blogs. (make sure it is relevant) You can also offer special deals for the first 100 customers or if they share about your website, etc.

social media promotion to drive traffic to your website
social media promotion to drive traffic to your website

6. Add a blog to your webpage

People are searching for information and the word blog is still relevant today and so people need a blog that shows up in search engines even when they search for something else. They get to see what people are saying about your eCommerce website or product so write articles that will make your website more famous. You can also build links on blogs and be part of the community by commenting on other blogs, and if you get enough points (like followers) you can ask to be invited as a guest or be able to add a guest link in addition to others or simply say hi by mentioning those blogs where you made comments or they made comments about you in their blogs.

7. Add up your site content on social media platforms

Your website needs to be linked to all different kinds of social media websites where people share their interests and their opinions about specific topics or products. You can add links on blogs, forums, or communities and it is easier to add to every part of the web. It is much easier to add a link in each post, comment, or review as it helps you reach more people as it does not take much effort to click on a link in a blog post. Making your website simple for the visitor makes it easy for them so let them know what you’re promoting so they can easily find out information about your product or service.

8. Make sure your eCommerce Website is SEO friendly

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process that helps you make your website searchable on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) and get more traffic. Your website needs to be optimized to rank well in search engines but don’t worry if you don’t know how as you can always find tutorials online and learn the basics of SEO.

seo check for driving traffic to your website
seo check for driving traffic to your website

9. Make sure you’re mobile-friendly

Mobile is the future and everyone has a smartphone so you need to make sure your website is accessible to everyone. Mobile visitors are potential customers which means more sales for you so make it a goal to be mobile-friendly. You can hire a professional service or if you know how to code, you can do it yourself. There are many online tutorials available online that can teach you how to do it.

10. Make sure to have a secure payment portal

Your eCommerce website needs a secure online shopping cart that will protect your customers’ credit card information which is always important when you’re selling online. You can hire the service of the people who make the sites or you can learn how to do it yourself. Keep in mind that if someone is in your database and you don’t have any security measures in place, they can access your account so be careful. A secure internet connection will also help increase your traffic as people are more likely to buy when they feel safe about their transactions.

11. Make sure to have a mobile responsive website

Your website has to be mobile-friendly and that is so important as people are always on-the-go. You can have access to the Internet from your phone, at work, or at home so people do spend a lot of time on their phones and you need to be part of it. You can hire professional services or learn how to do it yourself. If you learn how then you can make changes when something happens if you update the website then you need to update the mobile version as well.

responsive mobile devices
responsive mobile devices

12. Get an SSL certificate and use secure connections

This is another form of security you need to have on your website. You can either hire the services of experts or learn how to do it yourself. You can also use a third-party company to provide you with security and they will also help your business grow online. They usually cost less than hiring your own team and they keep your data safe so if you don’t know how to do it then hire a third-party company who will make sure your data is well protected from the bad guys.

In conclusion, use the above tips to promote your eCommerce Website and you will reach more people, and increase traffic and sales. If you want to reach more people, you will need to be on search engines to get traffic and get more sales but keep in mind that your website needs to be well optimized for the search engines so they give you the visibility and ranking needed. Remember that if your eCommerce website is not visible on search engine results then no one will know about it. You need to follow these 12 tips for promoting your eCommerce website.

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