10 best valentines day dropshipping winning products

10 Best Valentine’s Day Dropshipping Winning Products

Valentine’s day is the perfect holiday for any eCommerce store owner. With its endless potential to drive sales, it’s an eCommerce oasis in the middle of a desert of seasons where sales are generally slow. Whether you have an established dropshipping business or if you’re starting, February 14th provides some excellent opportunities to make money online by dropshipping products directly from suppliers. Retailers who only offer their wares online are especially well-equipped to take advantage of Valentine’s Day. Some hurdles come with running an online business, though, primarily shipping costs and customer service issues. Dropshipping retailers don’t need to worry about those issues because they are passed on to the supplier. That makes Valentine’s Day a great time for dropshippers to make money by offering affordable products that sell themselves. Continue reading this article to find out the items are expected to be top sellers this year.

1)  Couples bracelets

Magnetic Couples bracelets for sale

These types of products are found in the jewelry and accessories sections, and the main benefit is that they can be used for couples. You can customize them with stones, initials, or engravings to make them more appealing to your target audience. Once again, they’re affordable and easy to sell online.

2) Red roses (and bouquets)

No Valentine’s Day Dropshipping list would be complete without mentioning red roses. There are many different types of bouquets you could offer, such as white roses, red with pink roses, or yellow ones. Faux flowers are a good choice if you order from online. Whatever type you decide to sell, they will always prove popular until February 14th, so it is definitely worth the investment.

Rose Flower Soap Flower Gift Box for valentine's day dropshipping

3) Romantic picture frames

If you are uncertain about your skills when designing things like custom bracelets, this option will be perfect. You can find many different photo or romantic frames in various designs and prices that will work for your target audience. Buy them in bulk ahead of Valentine’s Day and sell them online easily.

4) Teddy bears and other romantic animals

Teddy bears are another classic Valentine’s Day product that everyone seems to love! However, other cuddly toys are also available to be more creative, such as unicorns or ladybirds, which could also prove popular with your customers. Once again, they are affordable and easy to customize, so this will be a great option for you.

5) Candy

Who doesn’t love candy? That is another type of product that has been popular in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day for decades. People tend to give it out as gifts or even put one or two pieces in their loved one’s lunchboxes. You could offer many types such as chocolates, lollies, or even heart-shaped boxes of raisins if you want to stand out from the crowd slightly. They would make a popular choice for your customers during Valentine’s day.

6) Romantic scenes and wall murals

If you don’t have any at home, wallpaper of a romantic scene can be a nice way to add some subtle romance to your home d├ęcor. It would also make a popular choice for Valentine’s presents. Depending on the type of Valentine’s day dropshipping business you have and the quality you want to offer your customers, you could either get it printed on canvass or vinyl.

7) Chocolates and other luxury food


While not everyone eats chocolate, many do, so it makes sense to include them in this list. There are many types of chocolates available such as white, dark, or milk chocolate which means you can focus on choosing the right one based on your target audience. They’re another easy product to sell online, and they’re very affordable.

8) Flowers

The third product that seems to be a must-have for Valentine’s Day is red roses. Women can use them to give to men or vice versa, making them one of the most versatile Valentine’s day dropshipping products. They’re also easy to buy in bulk and ship quickly, so you should consider selling them online if you don’t already.

9) Cards and gifts cards

If you don’t want to sell other types of products, there are many different types of Greeting Cards that will work well for Valentine’s Day. These tend to be popular because people like sending and receiving them as gifts between friends and family members, and it is not only the thought that counts, but also convenience!

10) Customized jewelry

Customized jewelry bracelets for girls

If there is one dropshipping business suitable for Valentine’s day you should consider starting, it should be selling custom jewelry. Whether they’re customizable bracelets or necklaces, people spend a lot on Valentine’s Day because of how they can be personalized. It provides them with uniqueness and makes their loved ones feel special. That will be one to look into if you don’t already have anything similar in your store.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it is time to think about how you will attract your customers. If you sell products online, this could be a challenge for you. However, choose Valentine’s Day themed products such as customized jewelry, flowers, couple bracelets, and teddy bears. It should be much easier to succeed in your mission with your partner.

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